Sunday, May 1, 2011

Leave Yourself Behind

I am comfortable. I mean that in every sense of the word. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Completely comfortable. I sit here writing from my family's beach condo in Southern California and I feel like I am moving in the right direction. A couple of years ago I could not say that. If imbalance was a full time job then I was employee of the month. Unsure of where I needed to go so just diving into everything with aggression. I had an ah-ha moment late last year that I knew I needed to wipe my slate clean and really just find balance.

In my quest for that I find that it is finally coming together. I have inner peace, balance and the ability to be my true self and listen to my inner compass without hesitation. Some of you will read this and feel as though you completely understand. You have had that same moment and you feel just right in your own life and skin. Others are close to meeting this destination, knowing the hard work that goes in to finding your balance. Others know that there is work to do but are not sure where to start and how to get there. Happiness comes to us in many different ways and stages. What I do know is that it is all there for the taking if we only seek it out and work to do the right things that will enrich us.

I used to be the kind of person that wanted the end result without the work. Once I realized that working to find happiness and changing my life, my surroundings, the things I did from day to day would be the only way to get there. At times it was scary, perhaps even confusing but then I would get confirmation that weeding something down to get balance or clearing space for positivity though work truly struck a harmony within my whole body like a chime. It made all the difference.

So as I sit here, in the same place I sat even months before I can't help but smile at the difference that I feel. I am getting there and it is only just beginning. The gift of comfort is priceless, to just feel it in every fiber of your body that this is your place and you are exactly where you need to be in this wrinkle in time.

Leave yourself behind.

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