Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wear Nothing But You.

Garments. Accessories. Jewelry. Adornments. Enhancements. Wardrobe. I know them all very well and intimately. I make a living from these words and personally have passion for the fun and expression that they bring while still having reverence in who we all are in our raw and natural form. 

What if you had to spend an entire day wearing nothing but yourself? No clothes to conceal. No masks to hide behind. No dyes, colors, symbols of status..just you and only you. What would you be comfortable with? What would you be proud of? What would you be embarrassed of and ashamed of? 

What do your adornments say about you and your personality. How do they represent you and can you express that same story without the aid of your props? 

So this is where you can find your voice one step at a time. Take one day, every so often and wear nothing but you..now, that doesn't mean that everyone should run around in all their naked ass glory..but more so minimize your look. Mute your colors, leave your adornments aside and just be you at your most basic. See where it takes you, see how you interact with the world and how it interacts with you. Learn, grow and gain confidence that who you are as a person is beautiful and has reason beyond what you wear. Express yourself.

Wear Nothing But You. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Never Disappear.

How easy it is to get away from your true self. You. Organic and pure, filled with good intentions, true to yourself and talents, true to the life you were born to live and born to be. You. Easily distracted and vulnerable to your environment and your experiences. Easily changed and molded by the plans of others and the greater majority.

How are you letting factors distract you from being the you that you were meant to be? Is it your job, your friends, your family, your choices in what you find to be entertaining and leisurely? Are you giving in to negativity and letting the light in you fade away?

Take it back. Find your voice, and not just any voice..find your voice that is deep within you that wants to  represent the light and pure, compassionate, talented and loving person you are. Take it back amongst challenges, oppression, addiction, environment, circumstances and instant gratification.

Never disappear.