Friday, May 6, 2011

We Must Surely Be Learning

All things most certainly happen for a reason. Amazing things that bring you such joy that you barely even know how to contain yourself, small and things that you are quite indifferent day to day about and of course the main ones that lead us to challenge that all things happen for a reason..the things that bring us disappointment or sadness.

While those are the experiences that we wish to speed through, we feel almost desperate to know the outcome and what better thing is in store that could come from something so unpleasant..these are the very moments we need to challenge our self to slow down and process no matter how painful it is.

What elements were against you, why do you think that those elements needed to be against you? Ask yourself what you could learn from the things that were out of your control. Then take a moment..and I mean a good, solid moment to really look at yourself. What was in your control that you could have done differently? Was it how you strategized, your execution, your attitude? Were you simply not a compatible fit for the situation? Look at your part. No, not to beat yourself up but to truly learn, grow and elevate who you are as a person and where you fit in to this world.

Asking yourself to do this and truly letting your defenses down to really follow through with this is no small task. Our defences, ego, emotions can cloud our vision and in turn block us from truly getting anything out of the experience that we were designed to grow with. So that is my commitment. I am going to be humble, take down my walls..really look at what I could have done better, forgive myself and move on and up with the new things I have learned. I invite you to join me.

So the next time that has you questioning "Why me?" or "Things happen for a reason, right?" ..let that open a discussion with yourself and those around you that can provide you valid and constructive feedback to help you get through that moment and come out in the end smarter and more aware.

We must surely be learning.

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