Sunday, May 22, 2011


Mortality. It crosses our mind. In fact, it crossed most of our minds even in jest yesterday however we all can not deny the deep down, if even for one moment there was not a bit of thought as to if we were living and taking advantage of the time we have been given. Many of us felt like we would be comfortable with how we were and our lives were in that moment if it were all to end, many of us felt a sense of urgency to go after the things and dreams that we never truly fought for but just let be a glance in our imagination. Many of us felt that we had not indulged enough in life and wanted to do everything we could to taste and experience everything that we had not experienced enough of before. Which category are you?

For me, I have experienced many things. Excess is my middle name so if I went through a phase I went through it hard. I played hard, I loved hard, I lived hard and I even rested hard. Today, I am a comfortable balance between all of those experiences. I fit somewhere between the urgent to the content. So I asked myself, would you be content if the world ended today..and truthfully I think I would. I have lived, loved, made my mark, my days end with a smile. I am content. So, what else is in my heart today now that we all have not expired? That I am content..and that in itself is a gift but there is still so much to build upon.

Each day that I am given a chance to work in the field surrounded by kindred spirits that have become my extended family, learn new things, experience the amazing friends and family in my life, hear a new song, write a new line, breathe a new breath I will be grateful. The objective is to just be grateful for each day and the opportunity to live. Pain, strife, loneliness, joy, love, is all there to teach us, to mold us into the person that we are today. Thank each day for what if brings you and then do everything you can to bring all you have to that day.


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