Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am learning so much about myself more than ever this year. Each day, well..let's not be pretentious..not every day but honestly it seems at least once a week I have a legitimate Ah-hah moment. This is not just in regards to myself but also to those around me. In my twenties I walked around with a sort of clouded vision. The phrase rose colored glasses does not quite fit because there was not a tint of pink rather just a dark tint that skewed my vision.

I had a lack of perspective, when something good would happen I would get wrapped up in to it so easily. When something disappointing happened I would not learn from it, I would just get stuck in that moment and drag it out. It is easy to get all consumed by the good and even the bad. Now, I seem to take each moment for it is..enjoy it if it is good, take it in stride. When something is disappointing I get disappointed as I should but then I really try to mourn it, learn from it and move forward.

So, with this new outlook that has found me I find that I interact differently with the world around me than I ever have before and I really like it! I am not finished by any means yet, as I go from day to day and learn more about myself and get these Ah-hah moments I need to put them into actions and do what is best for myself and those that it will effect around me. That is a lifelong process and now that my shades have been removed I gather that the rest of my life will continue in growing and seeing things and people for how they really are.

Look at the world through the eyes of reality, look at yourself with those same eyes. Strip away the noise, the expectations, the things in your nature that are holding you back and let it go. Change. Always. Constantly. Elevate. There is a world out there for your to learn and understand even better than you do today.


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