Monday, October 22, 2012

If We Never Took That Road.

Experiences. Good, bad, in-between..the way we look back at them all depends on the experiences we had with them. With the good experiences, we think to ourselves, "I wish it was still like that..I wish that I could still do that." We all do it, it is the way that I will always talk about when I was a size 2 like it was an hour ago when it was over a decade ago.

With bad experiences we can look back with relief that our experience is no longer that way or even as a martyr that we can not get over that the experience happened to us. These are the experiences that can either grow us or stifle us based on how we choose to use them.

With the in-between..the experiences that are far too easy to forget or to see the importance in those moments. Within monotony and boredom lies some of the best moments that fly under on the radar if we were to just open our eyes.

Good jobs, bad jobs. Good relationships, bad relationships. Nice people, bad people. Being broke, being loaded. Being amazing, embarrassing yourself. Screwing people over, getting screwed over. All in all, we look back on experiences and no matter what emotion it brings, respect the road that brought you to today. If today is amazing, sucks or is monotonous..respect where you have been and where you are today and where you will go. Look back on your path with reverence and look to today, taking the celebrations and lessons from your past road with you all the way.

If We Never Took That Road.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hold The Key.

Keys. They have so much power and yet we only seem to notice the doors. At a glance, depending on where you stand and what your perspective is..the door can represent a roadblock, an entry to the unknown. It can also represent security from outside elements and privacy. It is so easy to get involved in the outer elements of the door and lose focus of the most powerful element in the situation, the key.

A key is so small and so insignificant at a glance but it is truly the component that can change the entire situation of what the doors significance means to you. A key can unlock a boundary, a key can create a boundary. It is yours for the choosing. 

Are you looking at a door as an obstacle? Are you hesitating on the next step you want to take in life simply because there is a door? Look beyond, find the keys that you have..try them on for size. Empower yourself to find solution and the key to overcome your roadblocks and hesitations. 

Hold the key.