Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sometimes through the hustle and bustle of a day it is hard to find your center.Sometimes it is too easy to tune out the noise and racket of the day in a quest to find your sanity to get through the day.  Every sound, layering upon the other making a symphony that is just a little off key with the other yet also blending in a way that just works. That is most of my days. I find it beautiful. It fuels me even without me realizing it. Noise is beautiful to me. I love being surrounded by life, words, music, movement. I often say that I like peace and quiet, that is also true. However, amongst thinking about it..I spend 80% of my week in a hustle and bustle so the other 20% I tend to recharge and then I find comfort in the beauty of silence. Both are important but today somehow I have a gratitude for the chance to share my world with others and have them share theirs with mine.

What I guess I have come to discover is that there is so much to be said about the honor of sharing your hours and being apart of other's lives. From complete strangers, to close friends to your family. It truly is amazing that we have the ability to share with one another our simple noises.

So today, when you have the chance stop. Stop and observe the simple noises around you and how each person in your view is contributing in creating your personal soundtrack. It is beautiful.


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