Friday, May 27, 2011


There are so many flavors out there in the world that surround us. Some flavors appeal to us while others appall us. Our first response is to think that because we like the taste of chocolate and dislike the taste of anchovies that everyone else around us does too. That is a natural human response, we are wired to relate to people using our base of personality first. It is too easy to seek connection with others through our own understandings of ourselves.

As we try to grow and move through the world if we really want to relate to people on a more impactful level, in a way that we can really learn and bond together we need to try to get to know the things about other people that are different from us as well as what is similar. It is too easy to only surround yourself with people who share your same tastes, thinking, views, disposition..I mean it is easier to be friends and lovers with a carbon copy of yourself. However, imagine how much of your world you could expand if you set out to really appreciate the diversity that is out there.

I want to seek out people that like the same flavor of cake as I do as well as people that prefer flavors that I can not imagine enjoying. Not for the sake of expanding my palette to like that flavor or become something else but more so to appreciate where their taste is coming from. I want to relate to people that are similar to me and people who could not be more different. I want to appreciate the differences and the many point of views that surround us that I am missing out on because I am not trying to think in a new way. Imagine the possibilities.


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