Monday, May 16, 2011

Win, Lose Or Draw

Being single is hilarious. That is what I am learning at this point in my life. It was interesting in my early 20's and completely fitting because when you are in your early 20's you are open to just about any new idea. You are in the discovery mode and I came from a place that was all about making things happen. If I wanted something I worked hard for it and that completely transposed into how I dated as well.

Now let's zoom to now..a little older, a different perspective and I can't help but take this new chapter in my life with a grain of salt. I think looking back on it that being single has always just been a little bit of a game show, I just did not realize it until now. The difference is that before If I had the opportunity to win a trip to Paris and got a coffee maker I would happily take the coffee maker and google new things and coffee recipes that I could create with it, never thinking of Paris again. Then eventually the coffee maker would break and I would then think "Man, Paris would have been so much better than this POS coffee maker!"

This time I am taking everything in stride. I know who I am. I know what works for me, what doesn't. I know that it is always awesome to win a new coffee maker but then if Paris sounded great then I should save up my own money and plan a trip there myself. That is how I am looking at being single with the options out there. I don't need to be in a relationship, I was in a very nice one that just wasn't right for both of us so I am not going to rush or force the hand of fate to get into the same scenario. I will not be seduced by Paris yet I will not overlook the coffee maker. In fact, I would like both. A total package. Why? Because I am a total package.

So in the guys that would like to stand me up, think that because I wear a lot of makeup that I am dying to go back to your place without you even knowing my favorite Jonas Brother or my recent favorite scenario..thinking that because I am funny and down to earth that I can be your bro one moment and you can tell me about all the chicks you are playing and think that I could could possibly want to be in your lineup this is my news for all of you gems that are out there lurking in the streets..

Each lip gloss application costs me 12 cents and I apply it for me, I even wear it when I am at home watching Netflix so you can stand me up, underestimate my moral compass, overestimate my humor all you would like but I will remain me. Someday, there will be someone who is down to earth, funny, smart, that matches my chemistry. It will not feel forced or hard but just make sense. Until then, I can only smile at the game show that is being single with Bob Barker as my personal announcer.

Win, Lose Or Draw.

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