Saturday, March 31, 2012

Make My Move.

Stagnancy is a choice. Sit with that statement for a moment and digest it. That is right, stagnancy is something that comes from within you. It is something that you have complete control and direction over. It is so easy to place the blame on your environment and circumstances and yet all the time, within you lies the keys to release you from your stagnancy while all the time falling back in love and honoring where you are today.

Look within yourself, find the spark that once was there. Is it your job, your location, your relationships, the way you take care of yourself? Rather than looking at the faults that are so easy to magnify within those things, challenge yourself to find the good and wonderful in them. Find an inner peace and adoration within your place in this world and where you are today.

Now that you have appreciation, make your move. Take where you are at and what life has given to you in this moment and build upon it. Give your life all you have and give your surroundings and situations respect and positivity. Contribute. Not only to your own life but the life that surrounds you.

With appreciating who you are and where you are today and striving to be your full potential within that foundation, stagnancy will be a thing of the past and you will be ever present and an active participant in creating your future.

Make Your Move.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Small Moves.

Each day, we can move ourselves a little step forward, stay in place or move ourselves a step backward. Much like a board game, each challenge card you pick up will either enhance your experience with free moves, more tools to add in our bag of tricks or hold you down and set you back a few notches.

Over the past year, I have truly tried my best to make a conscious decision that I would remain a good person through my ups..which is incredibly easy and then in turn remain a good person in my challenges. We all have them..challenges is the professional word for it but let's get gritty..the real turn of phrase is "Things or actions that just piss you off". Staying above the negativity that surfaces within you while your patience is being tested. Not one of us is exempt from this experience.

I have been successful in this focus this year and I have had set backs. So, right here, right now. All challenges, all items that test patience, all things that seduce us to fall into the quicksand of negativity I will stop in the moment and decide to rise above.

No matter what challenge card we pick that moves us forward or one that moves us back. Make the most of each step and stay a good person to the core.

Small Moves.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Advance The Plot.

Life is a story and as just as writers have complete control over the plot they write and the way the characters move and interact, we as well have complete control on the way that our story develops and grows in the story lines we are handed.

Many people believe that we are the masters of our own destiny while many others believe that our destiny masters us. Why not believe that we are equal partners with our destiny if we so choose to be.

Today, find yourself at what point in the plot you are. Look at the scenery and the things that you can not control in your story line and then partner with your destiny and control your character's place within the plot to benefit you and the others around you best.

Advance The Plot.