Saturday, May 28, 2011


At what point do each of us decide to loosen up our ground, step back and compromise? It is important to ponder because if we want to truly experience life as a community we have to learn the delicate balance between what we want and working in the world around us. Relationships in all angles from relationships we hold at work, in our friendships, our families, our love life. Successful relationships and interactions require compromise.

So, the question what point do we decide to compromise and how? You can overuse can give yourself up too easily and the next thing you know somehow you and your place gets lost in the balance of the interaction. You can under use compromise and have a "My way or the highway" point of view. Feeling like if other's don't match your perspective then too bad, it is not worth it for you to be apart of the interaction. Neither way really leads to success. Neither way gains you fulfillment in your relationships.

For some of you, one avenue is more natural than the other. Mastering the art of the compromise with perfect balance is exactly that. An art. I certainly am still trying to understand it and balance it myself. The common goal is that no matter what the differences are in the relationships that we all have, no matter what perspective we all celebrate that every one of us has different views, talents and wants. To bring my views and wants while intermixing it with the views and wants of those around me. Striving to create fulfilling interactions and relationships.


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