Monday, January 30, 2012

Boomerang Effect.

Unintended causes and effects. For every thing that we decide or do, there is in turn an effect whether it be positive or negative. We are living in a constant ricochet. Whatever you put out there comes back to you, we have all heard that but never were words so true.

Think of all of the good things you put out there and all of the things that really make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Think of how you make a difference. Now, think of times when you made less than positive decisions and how it truly not only effects you but the environment around you. You can't help but notice that the negativity travels with force far greater than positivity.

I have been challenged as of late to do things that will benefit myself and others in situations that are frustrating. It has truly make me want to take the easy way out and give into negativity. Today I must try my best to take a moment to stop what I am doing and think. Let go. Solve. Think about the effect that my attitude and my decisions make in my life and in others. I may not have all the answers and all the solutions but in this moment, I know I do not want to throw any more boomerangs out that I don't want to come back and hit me. Make the choice. Stop the negativity.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Leave You Blind.

It is so easy to be distracted and blinded from ourselves. From all of the stimulation of media, technology and entertainment it is easy to get away from ourselves and live on almost an auto pilot. True moments of quiet and clarity give you the opportunity to see and feel yourself for all of the amazing that you are and also all of the faulty you are. We need to give ourselves the opportunity to appreciate the good in us as well  as the things that make us less than what we could be. Each and every one of us are daily making wonderful choices to better our lives and the lives around us and on the same note, each and every one of us are making choices that will hold us back and the people around us.

It is in these still, quiet moments that are unclouded by the noise of entertainment, media, technology and socialization that we can really look at ourselves with honest and eager eyes. Give yourself those moments. Allow yourself to be completely in the moment, to be honest with who you are, for all you are. Celebrate the greatness in you and change the parts of you that are less desirable. The true point not allow yourself to be in a constant state of distraction or blindness for the reality of life is far better than any entertainment or numbness.

Leave You Blind.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Sun And The Moon.

Through the hustle and bustle of life how often do you have moments where you can truly appreciate the simplicity and power of the world around you? How many sunrises and sunsets do you get to take in and use for inspiration and charge?

The last few months have been challenging within my professional life to say the least. Long hours, responsibilities beyond what hours in the day allocate. The sun has rose and set many days without so much as a glance from me. My family, friends, hobbies, interests and care have taken a backseat to running a business that needed my attention.

Today is the first day that I truly have a week that I can call my own in what seems like forever. No obligations, no work, no long hours...just freedom, freedom to do the things that feel right to recharge, balance and gain my world back.

We all must demand the opportunity for balance in our life. Appreciate the world around you and the magic that you have the opportunity to be a part of it. As I reconnect with friends I have not seen since work picked up, reconnect with my environment and reconnect with myself I will be filled with gratitude and peace. This week will be beautiful.

The Sun And The Moon.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Encore: An extra or repeated performance. An additional or repeated performance of something in response to a demand from an audience.

Every time around this year, we all think of things we want to change in our self. Things we want to elevate and resolve to do better. We look at ourselves with critical eyes and give our self the task to change. It is a rite of passage. A new opportunity and I embrace it with open arms.

This year however, I want to take a moment to celebrate. Celebrate who we all are for each of our successes and failures. Take a moment and really celebrate yourself. What makes you amazing?  What makes you who you are? What are you proud of?

Before moving into your resolutions of what you want to change in your life, give yourself credit for the things that you do really well. What do you want to continue on and do a repeat performance of in the year to come? Each and every one of us have something we contribute and something that makes a difference to ourselves and the world around us. Be proud.