Monday, August 29, 2011

Opposed To The Typical.

Within each of us there is a different beat and something unique that makes all of us walk and move in a  different way. If you were to ask our parents what we were like as kids that would speak to the unique and different person that we organically are. Look at kids..really watch them and their personalities and mannerisms. Some are boisterous, silly, shy, serious, see them for who they are in their raw form but no matter what you find no child lacks imagination.

Little Lala was loud, silly, said things that made the grown ups mouth drop once in a while and loved bright colors and toys that could keep up with the story lines running through her mind. Not much has changed as you all know, including the toys however in every day I see the pressure that life places to get us to change our tune from the beat of our own drum to the beat that is already playing.

Resist it. Honor the kid in you that created and lived in a limitless world of imagination and expression. Be bold, be proud of yourself but most yourself. Your happiness and our world is depending on it.

Opposed To The Typical.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Celebrate Kindness.

Kindness.  It is a word that I use in my vocabulary so often and yet even at that I am still taken back with so much gratitude when I watch it being displayed. I don't think I will ever become jaded to seeing kindness. This past week, I saw examples of kindness and friendship that reminded me that you do not have to wait for the energy you put out there to come back around to you because simply having good energy and kindness will surround and enrich you in that very moment. You make your world, you design the energy around you.

When I wake up in the morning, I try my very best to decide how I want my day to feel and how I want the day to feel to others that are going to share it with me. I am not a perfect person but I really feel like if you want a great day, and you want to have positive connections it is as simple as deciding to do it.  It is my aim, to spend my time with others supporting them and the things that make them happy. That opportunity is one of the things that wakes me up in the morning because to support one another and show kindness can cause such a ripple effect of positivity and amazing energy in your world and the world of others.

So, I just have to share an example of friendship and kindness that really blew me away. As many of you know, my ex and I are still very good friends and not in a "Sure you are" kind of way but we genuinely feel compassion and kindness to each other as family, as if we were brother and sister. People are always in shock at that because divorce usually always ends badly or unresolved but we really support one another and always will. We help each other in various ways all of the time but this past weekend really made me feel gratitude and respect for the theory of kindness.

The front tires on my car were looking shot to hell and I have been traveling a lot for work, driving and am about to drive to LA for fun this weekend. He noticed it and pretty much offered to go run the errand of getting my tires taken care of since he knew I hated physically doing things like that. I was in awe that he would offer to waste his day off stuck at the tire shop while I got to spend my day off watching movies in my PJ's. That, is kindness and paying it forward. I told him he was crazy and too nice and then tossed him my keys while going back to my Snuggie. We are just like that and I am grateful that I can have a family member out of a relationship that in so many other's experienced would have ended in a negative way. It is the way it is because we respect not only each other but the balance of being kind to the people that live in our world. We believe in positivity and building friendship with others through kindness.

It just shows that if you build connections and friendships with people in your life, you will have a world full of family and support no matter what the situation and title. So show kindness, build the energy around you that you want to have. It is true, the energy you put out there will come back to you but more importantly, in that have created a positive energy and environment that you will be happy to live in that very moment. You will be happy.

So support the people in your life, create a kind and positive world to live in against all odds and elements. Think about what you can do to support and share love with those in your life from the simplest of things to the larger, more monumental things. Are you adding to the world and the people around you or hindering? Create your world and the environment you want to live in.

Celebrate Kindness.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Be True.

There is nothing more beautiful, more raw, more pure than the being true to yourself and to those around you. As we spend each day of our lives,each moment of our days we have to ask ourselves..were we living up to our true selves?

Within each of us, there is a beautiful and organic version of ourselves. This person to the core is who we are in our purest of forms before outside elements, circumstances and situations begin to cloud or detour us. So take a moment...look within yourself..are you giving the organic you the chance to shine and live?

If there is anything in your way, clouding who you were designed to be..begin slowly letting any of those things fall from you. Free yourself from anything that is changing who you are in a way that is not pleasing to you. Get in touch with that person within, know them, honor them, love them, give them the opportunity to live through you even against the elements.

Be the you that you have always wanted to be, it is never too late to begin each day. It could change your life as you know it as well as the lives of those around you.

Be True.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Friendly agreement: a situation in which there is friendly agreement or accord
Pleasing combination of sounds: a pleasing combination of musical sounds
Notes sung or played together: a combination of notes that are sung or played at the same time.

Harmony. It surrounds us each day from a group of birds chirping to a feeling that everything just fits perfectly in that very moment to a simple song that fills the air in such a way that all time and place stops. Harmony, to me is everything. It is where I find beauty, where I find sanctuary and where my zen lies.

How do you find harmony? Think about that for just a moment. When you feel as if you have found your place, the place that you were designed to be at physically and spiritually. Now, today..go there. Go to your home, wherever that might be, with whoever that might be, doing whatever it might be that gives you harmony and surround yourself with it.

When you have hit a perfect chord, it encapsulates you to a state where you worry of nothing. Every one and everything around you is second fiddle to the symphony that fills your air.

All will be right in the world from your place of harmony and most importantly, all will be right with you. Your home, your zen, your happiness, your harmony.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Live Today.

I don't live my life with the intention to be the lucky SOB to end up on Willard Scott's "You are super old and now we are going to give you a shout out brought to you by Smucker's" segment.  I don't wake up every morning excited for the next decade. I don't see each of my friends and take each meeting with a new acquaintance the entire time thinking of the next time we will meet again. I live for today. Each moment in the moment, each experience from the mundane to the fantastical.

I have not always lived that way, I by nature am a resident of Lala Land and in Lala Land everything takes place in daydreams and daydreams take place in the future. This year though, as I was off in Lala Land, dreaming and scheming my next place I looked up and saw that damn Smucker's segment on the Today Show and realized "What if there is not an indefinite amount of time to live our lives?". In that second I snapped back to the moment I was living in and decided that daydreaming the future would be fine and yet I needed to be more present in the actual moment that I have been given to experience.

I sipped my coffee and appreciated how delicious it was, I took in the simple moment I was in. Nothing earth shattering was going on in that moment, nothing noteworthy and yet..I enjoyed it. Ever since, I treat each moment as it is. I am fully present from the uneventful to the exciting, the painful to the joyous. I appreciate my career and the daily amazing moments, I appreciate the people that I share my life with day to day.

Now, when I want something..I grab it. I don't worry about "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda's" anymore..if things were meant to work out, they will..if not, I put my two cents in to the Universe and knew that I tried before moving on to experience what the next moment has in store for me. I live with the nothing ventured, nothing gained mentality from the smallest things to the grandest of things. I put myself and each moment out there with a sense of entitlement because we are all entitled to go out there and really live for today..not for what could be. You will never know what could have been if you don't just follow your wants, needs and dreams in the moment for the moment could come and go..leaving you and your hopes in the dust.

Gone are the days that I take each day for granted. You never know when you are going to sip your last amazing sip of coffee, roll your eyes at that thing that annoys you, buy that thing that will make you smile, kiss that person that makes your knees weak, hear that song that moves you, do that thing that exhausts you, cry messy tears, act on that impulse you feel or laugh with that person that shares your humor. it. Don't delay today for what could be tomorrow because you may find that tomorrow never comes.

Live Today.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What You Say.

What you say and what you do together create your place in this world. One is not more important than the other and yet one can not thrive without the other either. As humans we live with all of our senses, auditory and the physical experience both coming into play. So, what if you were at a restaurant and the waiter came to your table and spoke with articulation of the most amazing, mouth watering were on the edge of your seat to then fully experience this dish but it never came out.

In this case, it is all about not just talking about it but being about it. It is one thing to articulate, to conceptualize but if there was no follow through it is all for naught. So what in your life are you conceptualizing but yet it never quite comes to fruition? Think of the disservice you are doing your words and thoughts by not giving it the follow through and platform to come to life.

Today is the day where you can make the commitment that if you can dream it, conceptualize it, talk about can be about it. Your actions can speak volumes for you. Give yourself the platform to follow through, give yourself the time and the game plan and then most importantly give yourself the support as you commit that you are no longer going to just talk about greatness but you are going to be greatness.

What you say.