Monday, May 9, 2011

In Place

What is the difference in thinking you are ready for something and then actually being ready for something? We all feel this emotion, we all experience this in life but there is a distinctive difference however we do not truly understand it until there is some hindsight in each situation usually. What is it that you want? What are you hungry for..long for? Now think of how that makes you feel..driven, ready for it to all begin, you almost become a visionary.

Now back up. Are you truly ready and more importantly is it right and ready for you? What I am learning is not to mistake hunger for the finished project. Have you ever been starving and anticipating your meal to be ready as you cook? If you use that hunger to drive you to really put extra care into how you are preparing for the meal, you will always be fulfilled however if you jump steps in the process and let your hunger overcome the process you always end up with a result that is disappointing. Perhaps even snacking on your ingredients along the way so your appetite is spoiled, not letting something marinade as long as it was originally intended.

That is the same thing we all tend to do when we are hungry for something in our life. So my challenge to myself and to all of you is that when you feel a fire, a longing, a hunger..use that to drive you into careful and meaningful preparation so that when you are ready and the world is ready there will be true fulfillment. There is no need to be hasty even though hunger naturally drives that impulse in all of us. Take your time, learn, grow, experience.

In Place.

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