Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Go Home.

We all have gone through phases where we have taken fate's gentle hand and forced it like it was hitting a buzzer on a game show. We recognize those times of course through hind sight however we all can look back and think of those times and now the place we are in today having hopefully learned the valuable lesson that you can't force fate and still feel at home.

It can be a job, relationship, location, crusade or lifestyle where the lack of patience gets in the way. We all face things daily that we are passionate about and want to drive for results and yet, there is something to be said about putting your energy out there, your hard work and then watching fate's hand do what it will. If it is a fit and meant to be in your life and you work hard towards it, it will..if not, it simply won't and that is worth all the while since it is not your home, where you are designed to fit and be.

So dream, work hard to initiate the things that you want and wish for. Find a balance between eating low hanging fruit, high growing fruit and then even planting your very own seeds to cultivate and grow your own fruit. Life is this beautiful mixture of things that fall in your lap, things you have to work for and things that you have to create and initiate. So live it, respect it and watch you find your place in this world.

Success, failure, love, joy, sadness, rejection, hurt, comfort and strength. It was all designed for us to feel and a compass to find, fight and appreciate our place in this world. Respect the hand of fate and find your home.

Go Home.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Turn The Page.

Have you ever been reading a book, perhaps even late at night and you liked the concept of reading it yet no matter how hard you tried to get into it you would find that you had read the entire page and yet did not pay attention to any of it? It was as if your eyes were on auto pilot. So you try to reread the page yet another realize you get to the bottom and the same thing happened all over. You feel guilty that you can not seem to pay attention to the story..everyone and their brother said you needed to read it..hell, even Oprah devoted an entire show to how this book will change your life and yet you can't seem to pay attention. So, you set it down on your nightstand in hopes that tomorrow you can try again to appreciate it.

This time last year that was how I lived my life every single day. If my life was a page in a book I was on auto pilot, going through the motions, looking like I was reading but really I was just stuck on the same page. I was unable to move forward, to appreciate where I was in the moment and though everything appeared perfectly fine in reality everyday I would go to sleep in hopes that the next day it would all just work.

At the end of last year, I had the realization that I was in the wrong place. I was reading a good book but the wrong book and if I ever had hopes of reading again I would need to retire this book and find the right book that fit me better. So I did, respectfully with a reverence to the life that I had lived until that point. I needed to find my place in this world and I knew it was not where I was, so I held my head up and went searching.

Now, I am beginning this new chapter in a new book and the experiences and emotions that this new chapter in my life are teaching me are game changing. Strength, individuality, loneliness, introspection, fear but my most favorite now..fulfillment and hope. Each day holds a new lesson and a new emotion and I am certain that this will be a lifelong process however I am at a turning point in this chapter in my life.

I have met and connected with people in the community that I live in that have changed my life. They have become apart of my plot as I have become apart of theirs. Rediscovering a sense of community and connecting with these amazing people moves me. It gives me strength and fills my heart with warmth that to my complete surprise gives me inspiration as we share laughter, struggles and daily mundane things to simply turn the page.

Life feels right. To someone who has been stuck on the same page, feeling so wrong for so many years to finally have found my place in the right story is beyond explanation of gratitude and emotion..but in simple feels beautiful. I am excited for everything that life has in store for me finally..I am waiting with baited breath to experience each lesson and adventure the following pages have in store for me.

Turn The Page.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

That's The Road.

It will forever be debated as to if destiny creates us or if we create our own destiny. This has been a debate that has spanned civilizations for hundreds of years and yet at the end of the day, though there will never be proof of which came first much like the chicken and the egg we all still hold a reverence for the amazing phenomenon of destiny.

Destiny. Whatever your personal belief is as to how it affects your life, we all can agree that it does affect our lives. We are all given this amazing gift of life. Some of us have given a road that is easier to follow, more secure and some of us have been given hardships to shape us and challenge us. What are you doing with this amazing gift? How are you maximizing and utilizing the destiny that is before you? All of us, no matter what cards we are dealt have the opportunity to play the hand to it's full potential. Are you?

Love, joy, happiness, friendship, success, heartbreak, illness, strife, is all in our destiny. What will you learn? How will you grow? Look your destiny..the one that is staring at you in the face in this very moment and take it in. It is yours and yours alone right now. Make the most of it, learn, celebrate, grow. Don't take a moment of your destiny for granted.

That's the road.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

When You Shine.

It is in you, so strong and so natural that when you give it just the room to run free it lights up a room. It makes everyone stop and take notice, look in awe, it inspires people, changes lives and makes their day. That is your shine. Your natural talent and personality. The very thing that makes you, you.

You don't have to work at it, think of how to do just flows from every fiber of you. What is it in you that naturally shines? Is it a talent you have that makes others happy? A knowledge that you have that helps others? A skill or trade that you can easily do but will change other's lives? Whatever it is that you are amazing at, whatever it is that you shine at..let it run free today.

Give it the space, the platform to really run free. Too often do we not only just let others around us and circumstances block our shine but we too often block it before other's even get the chance to. So make a commitment to yourself today. Use your shine today, let it out and give it a chance. Change lives, make people happy, make yourself happy with your shine as only you can! Never hinder it at your own hand and never let anyone else hinder it for you as well. I can't wait to see how your shine knocks me off my feet next time I cross your path.

When you shine.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My wish.

Some may find it silly that at 11:11 my world stops to make a wish. Think of it as you will however for me, that is my time to stop and honor my dreams amongst the hustle and bustle of the day. Our days are all filled with so much at times that taking a moment to get in touch with your wants gives you a moment of empowerment and hope.

My wishes are as diverse as the mind that owns them..sometimes it is an out of reach wish just for a moment of fairy tale, sometimes it is more so a goal I am working on, sometimes it is an affirmation and even at times it is something very minor..sometimes a girl just wants a piece of dark chocolate! Either way, it is my one moment to think of the first thing that comes to mind that I am dreaming of and honor it.

As adults, we begin to slowly dishonor our dreams. As children, we live in a constant 11:11 state. It is so very necessary that children have that quality for in that freedom to dream and feeling as if there are no limits to their dreams they mold and form the kind of person they want to build themselves to be in the future. The place where we all are today, no matter what place you are had a foundation of the child you once were and the dreams they once had.

To live in a constant state of 11:11 is not reality, so we can not really pay it round the clock respects as we did when we were children. I mean, 11:11 does not pay your electricity bill or run your dishwasher but it is so easy to let all of those realities of life overpower the natural talent we have within us all to dream.

So, silly as it may seem..frivolous as well..take a couple of moments out of your day, everyday to simply honor your dreams. From the outlandish, the realistic tomorrows you want to reach to even some small luxury that you would enjoy. It does not have to be at a designated time, just pick a time that makes sense to you and give yourself that time every day. Honor your dreams, your wishes..just honor you.

My wish.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look What You Can Do.

The world is more beautiful each and every day simply because you are in it. The powers that we all hold over the world we live in and the people in our lives are so strong that it can be hard to even fathom at times. That random smile that you offered to the stranger that you passed by may seem like nothing but perhaps you sparked a light in them that they carried to the next stranger that they crossed next. This small ripple effect makes a wave that can span over thousands of lives for the better. It happened all because you made the choice to take a single moment out of your life to smile at someone rather than ignore of pass them by untouched.

For all of the beauty and good in the world, unfortunately there is a flip side of bad intentions and ugly. Just writing that sentence out loud brings a heaviness to my heart since I tend to love the world in a tint of rose colored hue however, rather than thinking of all of the ugly things in the world that sadden and overwhelm..try thinking of what small act of kindness you can do that will cause a ripple effect to bring about a wave of change.

There is always so much that we all have the power to do and it is too easy not to reach out and do those things because they can overwhelm, they can make you feel as if you are powerless and lack resources. Think back to how simple smiling at that stranger was and yet what a ripple effect it can do that every single day.

What do you want to change in the world? What is something that when you think of it, you feel a heavy heart? Look within your resources and make the start of a ripple. Is it a simple smile, a phone call reaching out to a friend in need to listen, is there a resource you can give of to better the situation or fund another, is there a choice of something you can give up to support a cause? Your simple presence makes a difference in the lives of those you know in your community and can span over acres of people you will never even know you affected.

You bring beauty, life and hope to the world we share together with one another. You make all the difference just by being you when people need it the most. Start today. What will you do to be the change today?

Look what you can do.

Monday, July 11, 2011

All Of Yourself.

There is a delicate balance to everything and everyone. No one is exempt and I find that beautiful. When I look at people, I see a spectrum of things and can't help but smile. Sometimes it is easy for us to get lost in the things that we view as shortcomings and let that define us. I see that daily in my profession..women obsessing over a line or a feature that they posses and as they are speaking with so much passion for how much they detest these things about themselves I look at those same features and find them beautiful. They are not the things that define them however they are the things that make them..well..them and that is beautiful in itself.

So what is on your mind? What are the things about yourself that when you think about them get you down and you feel like you are worth less for those things being apart of your life? It could be anything from a feature, your shape, your hair, your financial situation, your social interactions...there are so many ways that we can feel easily defeated in our own minds. So here is the beautiful truth..everyone feels that way and it is because no one is perfect. No one feels perfect.

Beautiful people feel inadequate, smart people feel inadequate, wealthy people feel inadequate, successful people feel inadequate...everyone has an Achilles heel and I find it beautiful that they do. It is far too easy to get lost in the things we want to change about ourselves to the point that it can overwhelm us really getting to celebrate and love the things about ourselves that make us shine.

So think about your Achilles heel..think about how you would not be you without it because we all are a delicate balance of strengths and shortcomings. We can not have strengths without shortcomings. Embrace those shortcomings because they make you the organic you and the organic you is beautiful.

That line above your lip means you have smiled a lot, the curve to your shape means you have tasted and enjoyed life, the place you are at in your life in this very moment is you. Beauty, career, finances, intelligence, success...this very moment it is you. Embrace that. You are amazing, you being the you that is in front of you right now is reality. So stop comparing that person to the vision that is in your head and holding you back from loving yourself.

To love yourself..all of yourself, the good with the lacking is no longer a luxury but a dire necessity.

All Of Yourself.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Get Out Of Your Seat.

There is an icebreaker game that I use before meetings so that everyone can get a sneak peek into the lives of the other people that are attending the meeting. It is my favorite icebreaker game simply because it is an easy way to look at those who share your similarities and watch others that do not. The premise of the game is simple..a facilitator asks everyone to sit and pop up out of their seat to stand if one of the descriptions match their life.

Some basic Pop Up questions are always "Stand up if you have kids, pets, tattoos..etc.." but no matter what the questions are I always love recognizing the people that stand up over the same things that I do. I make a mental note that later I want to see pictures of their pets or ask them where their tattoo is and of what. Bookmarking what we have in common and building a bond from there.

Now, the other thing that makes Pop Up so amazing is that you not only build a quick camaraderie with the people that are like you but you also get to learn about people that are not like you. All of the sitting participants watch the people that popped up in curiosity while they remained seated. Inspiring ideas of how they want to get to know this person that is so different from them.

So, I've been thinking about this quite a bit this month. The similarities that are out there and how it is far too easy to quarantine yourself and only surround your personal contacts with like minded people that share similarities to you. While, it is so important to find people to relate with on a level that is similar to yours and offers you support for who you are it is also important to surround yourself with people that are very different from you and your tastes as well.

Not only does it teach you new things, new points of views and gives you a global education but at the end of the is just so rewarding to surround yourself with a diverse assortment of personalities, likes, dislikes and beliefs. It makes for a rich life full and abundant in characters.

So, the next time that you have an opportunity to spot someone that is similar to you, smile. This person will understand you to the core and friendship will be as easy as breathing. Take an extra moment to also relate to those that are different from you as them and smile even wider knowing that they are going to add a flavor and perspective that only they can add.

Get Out Of Your Seat.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Filter That.

Filters. I like to call them Quality control. We use them everyday from the physical of making coffee to the air we breathe. It is because of these filters that we can enjoy the end product of things without disruption or noise that might get in the way of a harmonious experience. We do this spiritually and socially each day as well. From not dropping the F Bomb in front of that old lady at the supermarket to how we all interact with the people we know and love in our lives.  Filters are apart of our lives to make our interactions and days move smoothly together.

So I ask you, when one of your friends asks you.."Where would you like to do lunch?" what is your reaction? I find there are three groups here. Which category do you tend to live in..are you overusing your filter, underusing your filter or balanced.

The Underused Filter. You know exactly what you would like to eat and what time to meet up. You express it right away with no filter, ready to eat the best meal of your life that you've been craving. Pay no mind that once your friend said that she hated Thai food..she should try it again because it is amazing! You know that because you like it, she will like it too if she just gives it another chance..I mean, the fact that you will be there alone will make the food better because let's face it, you are awesome.

The Balanced Filter: You think you have an idea of where you would like to go however you are not sure if they would like it too so you ask them politely if they would be interested in that place as well. You tell them what interests you about it if they have never heard of it before and are ready to listen to their preferences to see if they would like it as well. Together you reach a mutual agreement. You know that even though you really want to go to this particular place you are flexible and sensitive to their wants because at the end of the day, it is not really about the meal but more about getting to see them.

The Overused Filter: You would rather die than have to voice where you are interested in eating for it is more comfortable for them to make the decision and you just come along for the ride. Perhaps you know what you are interested in eating but you get misconstrued as someone who either does not know or are so go with the flow that you get taken advantage of. Never mind that they picked the Haus of Bacon and even bacon is in the water and you of course never mentioned to your friend that you have a condition where if you eat bacon your throat closes up and you have to stab yourself with an anti-allergy pen so that you don't convulse and die right there on the lunch table.

Which category are you? I am a mixture between Underused and Balanced..always having an idea of what I am in the mood for, having no trouble voicing it but finding it imperative for my fun to ensure that whoever is joining me not be in hell the whole time..considering it really is not about the actual lunch but sharing the experience.  Really think about it though and how your use of filters effects the people around you.

If you have little to no filter it is so easy to overwhelm and dominate experiences to the point of unpleasantry. More so if you are dominating over someone that has an overused filter and is not comfortable voicing their can rail road them without even knowing it and the chances are they will never tell you that you did. Take a moment to have empathy for the people around you and really care about what makes them unique from you and how you can support that.

If you have so much filter that you never pitch in and express your wants and views you also are in dangerous territory. Finding it too easy to be passive and internally frustrated while the people around you never even had so much as a warning as to what they have done to upset you or be inconsiderate because you never asked for what you needed. Take a moment to have confidence that your opinions and needs matter. Your true friends will want you to enjoy the experiences you share together but it starts with you comfortably expressing who you are and your preferences.

So today, when someone asks you "What would you like...." not just for food but anything in life that you need just stop. Think first what you would like. Put your thoughts and ideas at the forefront of your mind even if it takes you a a moment. They asked you, really honor that and represent yourself and what you want. Then, state what you would like. Ask them their thoughts on that. Arrive to a decision together. Make sure that your preferences and the preferences of the people in your life come together in a compromised and balanced experience. Again, this is not about lunch..this spans every interaction in you need to be communicated with, your work environment, the time you spend with your family, sharing tasks and chores with those in your life. In all things, use your filter wisely.

Filter That.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Doing Nothing.

With all of the hustle and bustle of life, day to day chores, responsibilities, stimulation, relations, fun, stress..always going and going there is an an art to doing nothing. Each and every one of us needs a moment to regain our balance, to recalibrate our thoughts, feelings, physical being and just do nothing but be alone in our own thoughts.

For some of you, that is easier said than done. Many of us are being pulled in so many opposite directions that we are uncertain where to even look next let alone take time out of our busy lives to just simply do nothing. I challenge you, make that time. What if you were on your cell phone all day nonstop and never had the opportunity to plug it in and charge it up? What if you never synced your smart phone or downloaded new updates to make it run more efficiently? Certainly it would crash and die. It would not be effective.

We are not so different from that technology and yet we often do not give ourselves the same recalibration time to be effective spiritually, emotionally or physically. The roadblocks that get in the way can be as simple as feeling guilty, lazy, not asking for what we need or even not allowing yourself to just let go and disengage for a period of time.

So this week, make a commitment to yourself to disconnect. Even if for a moment and do nothing. Take time to not be productive, not achieve a result, live in those moments to just have time alone to rest your entire being. Recharge, recalibrate, update and hold a reverence for simple moments of peace so that you can then give life your all with complete balance and gusto.

Doing Nothing.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Where You're From.

It all starts with where you're from but in no way does where you are from determine where you are. We all have this amazing story..even if you feel as if you have not lived an extraordinary life I can promise you that you have. Now, not to get all Kathy Lee on you and sing "Everyone has a story" because it gives me a migraine just thinking of her but the idea is true. Every one of you does have an amazing story to tell. How you got from point A to point B is nothing short of a fact, the fact that you are even at a point B and en route to even a point C is something to share and celebrate.

So, where are you from? What got you to where you are today? Really take a moment to think of all of the growth and learning's. Mistakes you made, positions that you were placed in that were less than desirable. The moments in your life that brought you to the "Why me?" thoughts. Looking back, how did you benefit from them? Celebrate where you were.

Now think of all the love that has surrounded you in your life. Think of who were the mentors that assisted in shaping who you are today? Who are the people that impacted you? Celebrate them. Let all of their inspiration that they gave you carry on into your life even after you remembered that you needed them. Use their inspiration to re inspire yourself at this point in your life and even better, use that inspiration to inspire others in need of a mentor.

Wherever you are today, it took a lot to get you here. Be proud and grateful for all of that journey and use that gratitude to carry you on to your next destination. The road is not consistent. You will have hardships, disappointments but you will also have love and joy. Celebrate it all. Past, present, future.

Where You're From.