Saturday, May 28, 2011


At what point do each of us decide to loosen up our ground, step back and compromise? It is important to ponder because if we want to truly experience life as a community we have to learn the delicate balance between what we want and working in the world around us. Relationships in all angles from relationships we hold at work, in our friendships, our families, our love life. Successful relationships and interactions require compromise.

So, the question what point do we decide to compromise and how? You can overuse can give yourself up too easily and the next thing you know somehow you and your place gets lost in the balance of the interaction. You can under use compromise and have a "My way or the highway" point of view. Feeling like if other's don't match your perspective then too bad, it is not worth it for you to be apart of the interaction. Neither way really leads to success. Neither way gains you fulfillment in your relationships.

For some of you, one avenue is more natural than the other. Mastering the art of the compromise with perfect balance is exactly that. An art. I certainly am still trying to understand it and balance it myself. The common goal is that no matter what the differences are in the relationships that we all have, no matter what perspective we all celebrate that every one of us has different views, talents and wants. To bring my views and wants while intermixing it with the views and wants of those around me. Striving to create fulfilling interactions and relationships.


Friday, May 27, 2011


There are so many flavors out there in the world that surround us. Some flavors appeal to us while others appall us. Our first response is to think that because we like the taste of chocolate and dislike the taste of anchovies that everyone else around us does too. That is a natural human response, we are wired to relate to people using our base of personality first. It is too easy to seek connection with others through our own understandings of ourselves.

As we try to grow and move through the world if we really want to relate to people on a more impactful level, in a way that we can really learn and bond together we need to try to get to know the things about other people that are different from us as well as what is similar. It is too easy to only surround yourself with people who share your same tastes, thinking, views, disposition..I mean it is easier to be friends and lovers with a carbon copy of yourself. However, imagine how much of your world you could expand if you set out to really appreciate the diversity that is out there.

I want to seek out people that like the same flavor of cake as I do as well as people that prefer flavors that I can not imagine enjoying. Not for the sake of expanding my palette to like that flavor or become something else but more so to appreciate where their taste is coming from. I want to relate to people that are similar to me and people who could not be more different. I want to appreciate the differences and the many point of views that surround us that I am missing out on because I am not trying to think in a new way. Imagine the possibilities.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sometimes through the hustle and bustle of a day it is hard to find your center.Sometimes it is too easy to tune out the noise and racket of the day in a quest to find your sanity to get through the day.  Every sound, layering upon the other making a symphony that is just a little off key with the other yet also blending in a way that just works. That is most of my days. I find it beautiful. It fuels me even without me realizing it. Noise is beautiful to me. I love being surrounded by life, words, music, movement. I often say that I like peace and quiet, that is also true. However, amongst thinking about it..I spend 80% of my week in a hustle and bustle so the other 20% I tend to recharge and then I find comfort in the beauty of silence. Both are important but today somehow I have a gratitude for the chance to share my world with others and have them share theirs with mine.

What I guess I have come to discover is that there is so much to be said about the honor of sharing your hours and being apart of other's lives. From complete strangers, to close friends to your family. It truly is amazing that we have the ability to share with one another our simple noises.

So today, when you have the chance stop. Stop and observe the simple noises around you and how each person in your view is contributing in creating your personal soundtrack. It is beautiful.


Monday, May 23, 2011


It has been on my mind for quite some we as human beings compartmentalize every part of ourselves into different categories. Working hard not to intermix them or let them merge. We often say "I work hard and then I play hard" or "I am tired, I need coffee"..the last one is actually one I say daily. Why not play at work? If you are tired why not rest? Our bodies, our minds are not compartmentalized but all one being. To be fulfilled and really enjoy our experience in life we must merge and melt our lifestyles into one.

This has been weighing heavily on my mind this year. As I work hard to nourish my body with correct physical fuel, meditate to nourish my body with good energy and thinking I have felt like I can truly appreciate my days. My quest is to really get the most out of my work. I love my work, it is my calling and passion. I am lucky that I can merge my hobby with my career but even with that I could do so much more to really experience it. Love..oh dear, that is a taller order since I only have partial control over this category since it involves a partner but my body, intellect, spirit and heart are all connected in one package. I want to be experienced as one package as well as experience someone else in that same light.  So, I want nothing less than to have that full experience.

All aspects..every single one I want to develop into one experience. I know with everything I have that once you commit to yourself to live wholly and synergistic with your self..melt your body, mind, heart, spirit to all join in each experience you will be full. This is my quest, this is my commitment to myself. This is my commitment to all of you. All of me.


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Mortality. It crosses our mind. In fact, it crossed most of our minds even in jest yesterday however we all can not deny the deep down, if even for one moment there was not a bit of thought as to if we were living and taking advantage of the time we have been given. Many of us felt like we would be comfortable with how we were and our lives were in that moment if it were all to end, many of us felt a sense of urgency to go after the things and dreams that we never truly fought for but just let be a glance in our imagination. Many of us felt that we had not indulged enough in life and wanted to do everything we could to taste and experience everything that we had not experienced enough of before. Which category are you?

For me, I have experienced many things. Excess is my middle name so if I went through a phase I went through it hard. I played hard, I loved hard, I lived hard and I even rested hard. Today, I am a comfortable balance between all of those experiences. I fit somewhere between the urgent to the content. So I asked myself, would you be content if the world ended today..and truthfully I think I would. I have lived, loved, made my mark, my days end with a smile. I am content. So, what else is in my heart today now that we all have not expired? That I am content..and that in itself is a gift but there is still so much to build upon.

Each day that I am given a chance to work in the field surrounded by kindred spirits that have become my extended family, learn new things, experience the amazing friends and family in my life, hear a new song, write a new line, breathe a new breath I will be grateful. The objective is to just be grateful for each day and the opportunity to live. Pain, strife, loneliness, joy, love, is all there to teach us, to mold us into the person that we are today. Thank each day for what if brings you and then do everything you can to bring all you have to that day.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


There will always be a song that you have always loved, always fact it is such a part of you and rings so strong to you that when you hear it you come alive. You will always love that song, you will always find it to be your anthem of sorts. This song was once the hottest song on the radio, when you heard it you felt hip and edgy. Now, it is being played on the easy listening station.

Holy crap..has that much time gone by? When did this edgy artist that bothered my parents begin playing on my station? Wait..take it back..I am the one listening to this station right now..when did this become my station? In that moment you realize that your youth is encapsulated in something that will be used for the next Hyundai commercial, sampled by the Black Eyed Peas and don't mind.

That is life in your 30's. I am really beginning to like it a lot as well. The memory of my youth..when I was fun, careless and edgy but now remixed with a more grounded and introspective person. In your 30's you are like a well digitally remastered now re-released to DVD film. Yes, the VHS version of you was pretty amazing but now you can have the best of both ideas.

So what are you remixing, remastering and restoring? Enjoy the process, enjoy the experience because it is going to be amazing this time around.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

The phrase "You can't have your cake and eat it too" has always confused me. I mean, it is has really only one purpose in life and that is to be eaten. I am not going to spend money and time on a cake and then not eat it. You can only really  eat the cake as well if you have it. That would be a bastard move to have someone else's cake and eat it too, right?

No one ever says that about other items.."You can't have your car and drive it too"..I am just saying, whoever came up with that should not have gotten the acclaim that they got. Now the guy who came up with "Don't worry, be happy" should be happy and feel satisfaction with his bumper sticker and t-shirt empire but not the cake guy.

So really though, don't you ever feel that way though..that you are not allowed to have something you really want and feel free to enjoy it at the same time? We are almost taught that is pretty much shooting the moon or impossible but I disagree. I believe that you can have the things you want and dream about and that when you do get to actualize them that you should dive in and indulge like there is no tomorrow. So what do you have in your life right now that you don't fully enjoy because you feel as though you should not? Today..enjoy it. Stop and spoil yourself in it.

Live your life to find gratitude in the things you have, use them, enjoy them and don't take them for granted. Live your life to acquire the things you want and dream about. I mean, if you are going to acquire and have should certainly eat it too.

Let them eat cake.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Win, Lose Or Draw

Being single is hilarious. That is what I am learning at this point in my life. It was interesting in my early 20's and completely fitting because when you are in your early 20's you are open to just about any new idea. You are in the discovery mode and I came from a place that was all about making things happen. If I wanted something I worked hard for it and that completely transposed into how I dated as well.

Now let's zoom to now..a little older, a different perspective and I can't help but take this new chapter in my life with a grain of salt. I think looking back on it that being single has always just been a little bit of a game show, I just did not realize it until now. The difference is that before If I had the opportunity to win a trip to Paris and got a coffee maker I would happily take the coffee maker and google new things and coffee recipes that I could create with it, never thinking of Paris again. Then eventually the coffee maker would break and I would then think "Man, Paris would have been so much better than this POS coffee maker!"

This time I am taking everything in stride. I know who I am. I know what works for me, what doesn't. I know that it is always awesome to win a new coffee maker but then if Paris sounded great then I should save up my own money and plan a trip there myself. That is how I am looking at being single with the options out there. I don't need to be in a relationship, I was in a very nice one that just wasn't right for both of us so I am not going to rush or force the hand of fate to get into the same scenario. I will not be seduced by Paris yet I will not overlook the coffee maker. In fact, I would like both. A total package. Why? Because I am a total package.

So in the guys that would like to stand me up, think that because I wear a lot of makeup that I am dying to go back to your place without you even knowing my favorite Jonas Brother or my recent favorite scenario..thinking that because I am funny and down to earth that I can be your bro one moment and you can tell me about all the chicks you are playing and think that I could could possibly want to be in your lineup this is my news for all of you gems that are out there lurking in the streets..

Each lip gloss application costs me 12 cents and I apply it for me, I even wear it when I am at home watching Netflix so you can stand me up, underestimate my moral compass, overestimate my humor all you would like but I will remain me. Someday, there will be someone who is down to earth, funny, smart, that matches my chemistry. It will not feel forced or hard but just make sense. Until then, I can only smile at the game show that is being single with Bob Barker as my personal announcer.

Win, Lose Or Draw.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am learning so much about myself more than ever this year. Each day, well..let's not be pretentious..not every day but honestly it seems at least once a week I have a legitimate Ah-hah moment. This is not just in regards to myself but also to those around me. In my twenties I walked around with a sort of clouded vision. The phrase rose colored glasses does not quite fit because there was not a tint of pink rather just a dark tint that skewed my vision.

I had a lack of perspective, when something good would happen I would get wrapped up in to it so easily. When something disappointing happened I would not learn from it, I would just get stuck in that moment and drag it out. It is easy to get all consumed by the good and even the bad. Now, I seem to take each moment for it is..enjoy it if it is good, take it in stride. When something is disappointing I get disappointed as I should but then I really try to mourn it, learn from it and move forward.

So, with this new outlook that has found me I find that I interact differently with the world around me than I ever have before and I really like it! I am not finished by any means yet, as I go from day to day and learn more about myself and get these Ah-hah moments I need to put them into actions and do what is best for myself and those that it will effect around me. That is a lifelong process and now that my shades have been removed I gather that the rest of my life will continue in growing and seeing things and people for how they really are.

Look at the world through the eyes of reality, look at yourself with those same eyes. Strip away the noise, the expectations, the things in your nature that are holding you back and let it go. Change. Always. Constantly. Elevate. There is a world out there for your to learn and understand even better than you do today.


Monday, May 9, 2011

In Place

What is the difference in thinking you are ready for something and then actually being ready for something? We all feel this emotion, we all experience this in life but there is a distinctive difference however we do not truly understand it until there is some hindsight in each situation usually. What is it that you want? What are you hungry for..long for? Now think of how that makes you feel..driven, ready for it to all begin, you almost become a visionary.

Now back up. Are you truly ready and more importantly is it right and ready for you? What I am learning is not to mistake hunger for the finished project. Have you ever been starving and anticipating your meal to be ready as you cook? If you use that hunger to drive you to really put extra care into how you are preparing for the meal, you will always be fulfilled however if you jump steps in the process and let your hunger overcome the process you always end up with a result that is disappointing. Perhaps even snacking on your ingredients along the way so your appetite is spoiled, not letting something marinade as long as it was originally intended.

That is the same thing we all tend to do when we are hungry for something in our life. So my challenge to myself and to all of you is that when you feel a fire, a longing, a hunger..use that to drive you into careful and meaningful preparation so that when you are ready and the world is ready there will be true fulfillment. There is no need to be hasty even though hunger naturally drives that impulse in all of us. Take your time, learn, grow, experience.

In Place.

Friday, May 6, 2011

We Must Surely Be Learning

All things most certainly happen for a reason. Amazing things that bring you such joy that you barely even know how to contain yourself, small and things that you are quite indifferent day to day about and of course the main ones that lead us to challenge that all things happen for a reason..the things that bring us disappointment or sadness.

While those are the experiences that we wish to speed through, we feel almost desperate to know the outcome and what better thing is in store that could come from something so unpleasant..these are the very moments we need to challenge our self to slow down and process no matter how painful it is.

What elements were against you, why do you think that those elements needed to be against you? Ask yourself what you could learn from the things that were out of your control. Then take a moment..and I mean a good, solid moment to really look at yourself. What was in your control that you could have done differently? Was it how you strategized, your execution, your attitude? Were you simply not a compatible fit for the situation? Look at your part. No, not to beat yourself up but to truly learn, grow and elevate who you are as a person and where you fit in to this world.

Asking yourself to do this and truly letting your defenses down to really follow through with this is no small task. Our defences, ego, emotions can cloud our vision and in turn block us from truly getting anything out of the experience that we were designed to grow with. So that is my commitment. I am going to be humble, take down my walls..really look at what I could have done better, forgive myself and move on and up with the new things I have learned. I invite you to join me.

So the next time that has you questioning "Why me?" or "Things happen for a reason, right?" ..let that open a discussion with yourself and those around you that can provide you valid and constructive feedback to help you get through that moment and come out in the end smarter and more aware.

We must surely be learning.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Don't Be Shy

I have never been more ready for this week in my life. This week, I can just feel that opportunity is at my feet. My life could very well change as I know it and I can't help but get excited. Normally, when something good is at my feet I either get really excited and get afraid to jinx it or I try to controll it to keep it mine. The other side of me has a tendency to get discouraged but this time around feels so very different. I feel like I am staring down my destiny and it is meeting me with comfortable outstretched arms.

I feel like this is my time..and after all of the hard work I have put in to my career and all of the patience I truly feel like now and the next decade is not only ready for me but that I am finally at a place where I am ready for it. Coming into my own personally, professionally and spiritually it just feels right. My life is lining up. It also feels different this time because I am not in my usual fight or flight mode as a new opportunity presents itself to me..I am in a learning mode. If this particular opportunity pans out for me, amazing..if not I am not looking at this as a not at all but more like a "not now". I am going into this opportunity with the perspective and mind set of "What can I learn from this experience today to grow and reach my goals?"

I am not sure how or when but I know that I am on the right track right now to finally meet my destiny this year. I can't hardly wait.

Don't Be Shy.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Writings On The Wall

What are you going to be known for? This is not a question of what do you dream to be known for or what would you like to be known for..there is no time for that but at this exact moment in time what are you going to be known for? Your relationships with others, the hard work you put into your job, the way you interact and connect with your family, the light you bring to those around you..that is what is going to be remembered.

Are you happy with how others around you will think about you and remember you or do you feel that you are wasting daylight with this reality? Today is the day where you can make a difference to your legacy. Reach out to others, build lasting connections and be there for people when you can. Use your talents to make an impact and make a difference. It does not have to be grandeous, simply being the you that you were always designed to be is what will make your experience for you worth the while and impact the people and world around you in which you leave.

There is no day but today and no moment but right now. What are you going to do with it today?

Writings On The Wall.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Leave Yourself Behind

I am comfortable. I mean that in every sense of the word. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Completely comfortable. I sit here writing from my family's beach condo in Southern California and I feel like I am moving in the right direction. A couple of years ago I could not say that. If imbalance was a full time job then I was employee of the month. Unsure of where I needed to go so just diving into everything with aggression. I had an ah-ha moment late last year that I knew I needed to wipe my slate clean and really just find balance.

In my quest for that I find that it is finally coming together. I have inner peace, balance and the ability to be my true self and listen to my inner compass without hesitation. Some of you will read this and feel as though you completely understand. You have had that same moment and you feel just right in your own life and skin. Others are close to meeting this destination, knowing the hard work that goes in to finding your balance. Others know that there is work to do but are not sure where to start and how to get there. Happiness comes to us in many different ways and stages. What I do know is that it is all there for the taking if we only seek it out and work to do the right things that will enrich us.

I used to be the kind of person that wanted the end result without the work. Once I realized that working to find happiness and changing my life, my surroundings, the things I did from day to day would be the only way to get there. At times it was scary, perhaps even confusing but then I would get confirmation that weeding something down to get balance or clearing space for positivity though work truly struck a harmony within my whole body like a chime. It made all the difference.

So as I sit here, in the same place I sat even months before I can't help but smile at the difference that I feel. I am getting there and it is only just beginning. The gift of comfort is priceless, to just feel it in every fiber of your body that this is your place and you are exactly where you need to be in this wrinkle in time.

Leave yourself behind.