Monday, May 23, 2011


It has been on my mind for quite some we as human beings compartmentalize every part of ourselves into different categories. Working hard not to intermix them or let them merge. We often say "I work hard and then I play hard" or "I am tired, I need coffee"..the last one is actually one I say daily. Why not play at work? If you are tired why not rest? Our bodies, our minds are not compartmentalized but all one being. To be fulfilled and really enjoy our experience in life we must merge and melt our lifestyles into one.

This has been weighing heavily on my mind this year. As I work hard to nourish my body with correct physical fuel, meditate to nourish my body with good energy and thinking I have felt like I can truly appreciate my days. My quest is to really get the most out of my work. I love my work, it is my calling and passion. I am lucky that I can merge my hobby with my career but even with that I could do so much more to really experience it. Love..oh dear, that is a taller order since I only have partial control over this category since it involves a partner but my body, intellect, spirit and heart are all connected in one package. I want to be experienced as one package as well as experience someone else in that same light.  So, I want nothing less than to have that full experience.

All aspects..every single one I want to develop into one experience. I know with everything I have that once you commit to yourself to live wholly and synergistic with your self..melt your body, mind, heart, spirit to all join in each experience you will be full. This is my quest, this is my commitment to myself. This is my commitment to all of you. All of me.


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