Wednesday, May 18, 2011


There will always be a song that you have always loved, always fact it is such a part of you and rings so strong to you that when you hear it you come alive. You will always love that song, you will always find it to be your anthem of sorts. This song was once the hottest song on the radio, when you heard it you felt hip and edgy. Now, it is being played on the easy listening station.

Holy crap..has that much time gone by? When did this edgy artist that bothered my parents begin playing on my station? Wait..take it back..I am the one listening to this station right now..when did this become my station? In that moment you realize that your youth is encapsulated in something that will be used for the next Hyundai commercial, sampled by the Black Eyed Peas and don't mind.

That is life in your 30's. I am really beginning to like it a lot as well. The memory of my youth..when I was fun, careless and edgy but now remixed with a more grounded and introspective person. In your 30's you are like a well digitally remastered now re-released to DVD film. Yes, the VHS version of you was pretty amazing but now you can have the best of both ideas.

So what are you remixing, remastering and restoring? Enjoy the process, enjoy the experience because it is going to be amazing this time around.


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