Sunday, April 24, 2011


As humans we will always love the feeling of a new beginning. Spring was once celebrated because it was a time of year that signaled that all was well now. The survival mode of the cold and desolate winter and the savings and rationing of valuable resources had passed. Spring in all it's abundance was finally here and it was time to start new, cultivate resources and live freely.

We, as technology driven people no longer have those realities and yet Spring symbolizes all of those things still to us but in new forms. There is still something deep inside all of us that is filled with hope and new beginnings. The feeling of new starts or even a rush of energy to continue on the path we were already on.

So the question I pose is what are you going to do with the natural momentum Spring brings you? What valuable resources have you been rationing? What are you in survival mode about? Be it physical, monetary, emotional or spiritual..what are you going to let go of and live freely for? Now is the perfect time, let go..let yourself start new or reinvigorate what you were already doing with just that extra rush of energy.


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