Saturday, June 25, 2011

You've Got Sleepless In Seattle.

The charm of any Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie is too hard for any woman to resist. What is it about them? They all start with a very similar theme. Two worlds apart..somehow cross paths..find interest in one another..insert some kind of looks like they will not get together after all..insert a Frank Sinatra song or two..oh wait..never mind, they end up getting together. They literally even use the same stylists, prop people and I even think that the writers use the script like Mad Libs as a template to change the movie script up from film to film. Yet, we love them..I know that I for one can not get enough of them.

So what is it about them? Is it that we want to believe that love can happen against all odds? Is it that we hope love will always find a way? For me, I think it is a mixture of all of the above and then some. So what is it for you? Do you believe in meant to be's..circumstance..timing..soul mates? I am still trying to figure that one out myself but I know that I like to believe in all of those things and more. This amazing merge of both the beauty of love and romance mixed with the daily mundanes of life. It is beautiful if you ask me..and I can say that many of my estrogen infused ladies could not agree more.

So no matter where you are in life..married, divorced, single..celebrate love and the idea of love. Celebrate not only the love that lives in the movies with the story lines and moments designed to make our hearts pitter patter but celebrate real love and that it does exist. Celebrate it if you have found it. Celebrate it in the mundane tasks you both share together from putting away the groceries to watching your favorite shows together. Celebrate it and believe in it if you are still looking for it because I do believe it exists in every form that you are hoping for. I may still be searching for all of the answers, for what is out there for me but I will never stop celebrating the beauty and art in love.

You've Got Sleepless In Seattle.

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