Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taste Of The Good Life.

The ultimate destination in life is the day where you wake up and take yourself for who you are. All of your strengths, all of your opportunities. The day where you not only accept yourself but you truly love yourself unconditionally. I call it a destination because it is something you earn, something you were born with and yet as we grew into young children social filters began to take over, metrics we had to meet in school, expectations and then we each developed an uncertainty within ourselves that took us through our adulthood.

Many of us will carry that with us through the duration of our lives but imagine, if you comforting it would feel if you accepted yourself. What if you put expectations, metrics, titles aside? What if you fell in love with you..not the you you wish to be or the you that others might wish you to be but the organic and true you that you are in this very moment?

"Falling in love with yourself and being true to your needs is no longer a luxury but a dire necessity." I stumbled across that quote in the beginning of this year and it really has changed my life. I live by it true and true. By nature, I am one that wants others to feel good, supported and heard. So much so that I would not do the same things for myself. Now, I ask myself I kind to myself? Did I take care of spirit, my mind, my body, my heart? I live to support myself now as a whole. It does not change that there are pressures from work, insecurities in life and moments of drought but overall, I have my back. There is something comforting to know that no matter what you always have you. It will change your life, it will change how you care for others better.

So take a moment, court yourself. Close your eyes and celebrate the thing that you are most proud of when you think of who you it a spiritual thing, a physical trait, an accomplishment. Focus on that and smile. Take pride in that very thing and let it carry you. You deserve it.

Now, take a moment and think of the one thing that makes you who you are that you wish was not so. Again, it can be something about your personality or temperament, a physical trait, your circumstance. Focus on that and take a deep breath. Respect that very thing about yourself. Accept it, embrace it. Now..let me say..if that thing that you hate about yourself is that you beat old ladies that are crossing the street with canes perhaps we need to have a different talk but for the most part it is things in regards to finances, you wish you looked a different way, you wish you lived in a different scenario. Things that generally you can elevate but are a struggle to you. We take struggles and somehow internally make them define us. What I am asking you to do today, is to take that struggle and accept it. Accept you.

Arrive at that destination where you love yourself, unconditionally..the good, the bad, the mediocre. Once you have that, you will always have support and love in your life every moment of every day.

Taste of the good life.

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