Friday, June 3, 2011

Be Free.

ability to act freely: a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions

The ability to live as you wish without anything holding you back.  All of us live with restraints. Some of the restraints to a degree whether it be job or society expectations..I mean though we have the choice to do so, there are repercussions to robbing banks, killing hobos and having a slew of prostitutes but overall..we can choose. For me, I am learning that any restrictions I have are usually brought upon by myself. Most of the powerful experiences that we are missing out on in life are missed due to how we are holding ourselves back.

I am a cautious person in regards to wanting everything to be fair, to make sense, to have the best outcome. Rarely do I just act based upon wanting to do something with no restrictions. Most of us do this..most of you reading this have an area or two in your life that is resonating to you as you read this of something that you never allow yourself to be truly free. Is it speaking your mind about something, asking for what you need, doing something no matter what judgements would be brought upon you?

For me, it is not reaching out to my community when I need something. Trying to do everything myself.I hate being vulnerable and taking up someones time with something I need.  To me, the ability to reach out and ask for what I need and not be the strong one in appearance would be freeing and yet no one places those boundaries on me but myself. So that is my challenge this week..using my community. My friends in all of their perspectives and life experiences. Asking for what I need. Learning from them with no fear of vulnerability because to me, to be vulnerable would actually be freeing. Think of all I could learn, all the reward just for simply freeing myself from the boundaries I place.

So freedom means different things to all of us. What would be freeing to you? What are you not getting enough out of life right now because of boundaries? Lift your shackles and live.

Be Free.

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