Saturday, June 18, 2011


When you listen, half-heartedly to the flight attendant as she gives you the safety instructions before takeoff you will notice that in the case that the cabin loses pressure and the oxygen masks drop, you are instructed to secure your mask first and then if there is anyone needing assistance you can then assist them with their oxygen mask. They do this because for you to truly assist the other person and give them the support they need, you must first ensure that you have what you need in it's entirety first. This came to me this week in my travels and I thought to myself how often this parallel comes into our lives.

Are you getting enough oxygen? Are you getting the things that you need before moving to give it to the other's in your life. This can not only pertain to your relationships but also your activities. Are you, as a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical being filling up first before you expel it out and give pieces of you to the world?

Now think, if you are getting your oxygen supply..are you helping the others around you that appear to need your assistance? Are you sitting there feeling secure and taken care of and yourself, not noticing how others are gasping for air and how they could use your helping hand? Take action.

Take action for yourself, fill yourself, secure your oxygen supply. Make sure that you are getting your needs met, then once you have secured your needs..reach out and hep other's secure their needs. The world needs all of us, people need us. Families, friends, businesses depend on us..make sure you are giving to them but make sure that before you do, you have something to give.


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