Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The most beautiful thing about life is that it moves in stages. Something overcomes all of us at certain points where we feel so strongly that we are not in the place we should be doing the things we should be doing and from there many things stem. When some of you are in that place, you take control..making game plans, charting out your next steps so not to make the same  decisions you might have made in the past with almost an avengance. Some of you act out, rebelling against plans and indulging in anything you want whenever you wish. Some of you check out, feeling defeated where a depression takes you under as you wonder how your life got to this point.  Some of you feel a cocktail of all three, experiencing all spectrums of emotion.

Wherever you may fall in that equation, take a moment to let your defenses down. Stop your game plan, give up control for even just a moment. Stop acting out, reconnect with yourself again, it will only temporarily feel better as you overindulge in every whim. If you checked out, take one small moment to remember who you are and get in touch with the knowledge that you were placed here for a reason and you matter.
Last year in particular I must have gone through all three of those emotions as if it were a merry go round. Relying on strength to get me though, then moving on to do whatever I wanted with no regard to myself or others, then simply checking out in defeat. This year, I woke up and am letting all of those defense mechanisms go to the wayside. In doing so, I am learning the most valuable lesson and in this lesson I find gratitude.

Wherever you are at, in whatever stage of your life. If you are dissatisfied, stagnant, lonely, uninspired take a moment to let all of your guards down and fight your natural defense instincts to get to the next step and take on the challenge to just be happy with who you are and grateful for where you are at. Even if you are being challenged beyond your imagination or if you are simply at a standstill.  It is much easier sounding than it is. We have so many blocks and drivers within each of us that to just be happy with what you have in the moment, especially when you are in a stagnant point in your journey is not easy. However, it will give you acceptance and clarity.

Once you can truly be grateful for where you are and how you got there and respect the life you have, it is a recreation in itself. Finding satisfaction in yourself in your best and worst will lead to when it is finally time to move forward you will do it with a balanced and realistic mind.


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