Friday, June 10, 2011

The Greatest.

A blank sheet of paper. Sometimes that can be your worst nightmare, not knowing where to begin or not having the inspiration of what to place on it and how. Other times it can be empowering when you have the image in your mind of what you need to place there and the opportunity to bring it to fruition is a dream come true. Then, what happens most of the time is we think we might have an idea of what we want to place on the paper but don't have the full concept or vision however we just begin placing things on the paper anyway in hopes that it will eventually begin coming together and making sense..sometimes it does and others it continues not making sense.

Paper. It is not always paper but that is how we take on days, new experiences and tasks that we need to complete. How we take our knowledge and understanding towards our days and apply them can change the world around us as we know it. I am captivated by the process of how we all go from point A to point B everyday, how we create our world.

Think of all of the amazing thoughts and ideas that today make your life. From the obvious of electricity to transportation, the idea of the Internet and social networking..even the cup, somebody was once like, "This is ridiculous drinking out of my hands..I am so over this!" and poof became the cup.  Now think of the ideas and thoughts that impact us in ways that we can sometimes take for granted. Your family, friends, pets, where you live...they are all ideas that were brought to fruition whether you were the catalyst for those decisions coming to life or someone else. The beauty that the people we gravitate towards as friends and lovers, family and colleagues we trust are all people that we had ideas of getting close to but made the decision to build that thought from a simple idea to a tangible thing in out life. All of these ideas that transitioned into reality.

Not all ideas merit being brought to life but think of all the amazing things that make your life simply by an idea being brought to paper. What this reminded me of was that the ideas that all of us think all day from the "Why has someone never thought of this before? This would make so much sense.." Ah-hah moments that could literally be inventing the wheel for us. The "I should really do this for my life, it would make it better" thoughts that could make all the difference in your personal life. What stops the great ideas from coming to life? We do.

So the next time that you have that idea that could change the world or just an idea that could change your world, don't stop yourself at the idea..bring it to life. Whether you know what to put on the metaphorical paper exactly or not..just begin creating.

The greatest love affair started with a "Hello", the greatest love song started with a note and the Mona Lisa started with a one of those.

The Greatest.

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