Sunday, June 19, 2011

What If..?

What if you just said yes? What if you dreamt with no limitations..opening up your imagination to stretch it's legs and hold no bounds? What if you didn't let fear and uncertainty stop you from elevation? I have been asking myself that for the past week. Think of all the things in your lifetime that you have said no to and it was not that you refused it due to moral or ethical reasons..those are always fine..I mean, we can't all be Charlie Sheen and Corey Haim..but think about what things in life you have said no to because you were insecure, feared failure or could not envision how it would turn out.

We all do it. Every day. We do it because safety is comfortable. Sometimes we are willing to risk the chance of feeling stagnant or not taking the chance to elevate our lives simply for safety. During our existence we have had to take leaps of faith to move forward and of course those leaps were uncomfortable and scary in those times as well. Look back on your life thus far and think of the leaps you have taken to be the person you are today. It started even when we were children, the comfort of crawling and having our Mother's take us where we needed was comfortable but even through the feeling of security and comfort we all had an itch to move forward, to elevate. Try as we might to want to stay stagnant and stay comfortable we all took that leap of faith..we began walking. Throughout our development we continued with that same leap of faith over periods of time. So why is it that as adults we can sometimes begin to reason with that fear and make excuses to stay so very comfortable and stop from elevating? Why do we continue crawling when we have an itch to try walking?

What is something that you have recently been prompted or invited to do and you said no due to fear of the unknown? Today, gather your courage and remove the limits you are placing on yourself and simply ask.."What if..?" Then, take that step..that leap and see what could happen. Look elevation in the face, stop crawling and see where your steps take you.

What if..?

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