Thursday, June 2, 2011


Which way will you turn?  Each day we walk on a path and come to the point where we get to begin veering left, right or continue going straight. Sometimes we are not logically sure which way we want to go, there isn't a GPS system or app you can download for this kind of journey and really if there were what would be the fun? So we listen to our intuition..sometimes certain things interest us to follow in that direction. The trees look more beautiful if I veer left, the road looks less rocky on the right or what happens most often..I have been going forward this whole time, I am nervous to change what I am comfortable with.

We make these decisions in things that we find to be very small but really change the course of everything we do. Did we smile at that stranger when we could have not taken the time to do so? Did we reach out to that friend when we needed them or did we just try to do it all on our own? Did we see that someone was having a hard day and stop to make it just that much easier. Did we listen? Did we care? Did we take a chance even though it was scary?

We often take the wrong path but end up learning something new about our decision making, listening to our intuition better and seeing a new side of life on this wrong path. I am fascinated by choices and how we choose to do the things we all do.

I remember when I was all of 18 years old and moving to Florida with my best friend to be entertainers at Disney..we drove across country in separate cars. We did not have cell phones, that was still such a new thing at the time. We made a game plan about how we were going to follow one another. We had maps, knew what cities we were going to stop for the night and had a strong game plan. Even with that it was nerve wracking. This was our first time driving so far and our first real time away from home without our parents.

About halfway through the drive in Texas when I was trailing her, I saw her veer right and go the wrong way. I was not able to get over in time and at that moment was the first time I had to follow my intuition. Do I get off the road, turn around and try to find her in this giant city that was so alien to me or do I keep moving forward, all by myself and scared but knowing that she will be able to find her way back to the freeway and that we will be able to find one another in the next city we had preplanned to meet up at.

I decided to do the latter, knowing that trying to find her in Texas would never work and that I would just get more scared and panic. So as I drive on, I centered myself. Us separating had the potential of causing chaos. We had not determined where we were going to live in Florida yet, she had most of our money on her, we were a good team together but separated had nothing.  Tears streamed down my eyes as I drove on now, tears of uncertainty and vulnerability. Seeing how very alone and young I was on this open road. I drove on through the night, my tears drying as my adrenaline to find my way and make it though this kicked in.

Eventually I found a little hole in the wall motel in the middle of the night in a bayou city. I sat in my room, tired but feeling like I was safe now and could do this. I learned so much just from that tiny event that meant everything to 18 year old me at the time. I could have turned right. I wanted to turn around and find her, feeling so lost and alone my mind wanted to feel safe and stay in the city in which we separated but rather I for the first time in my adult life simply listened to my intuition, did not question it and followed it's promptings. I was proud. I learned that I was stronger and more independent than I had ever known.

Eventually we found one another the next day. We went on, found our way together and made our way in Florida. I still carry my first experience of listening to my intuition with me to this day. Whenever I am logically not sure which way to go, I simply remember that story and listen to the promptings.

So when in your life have you honored your intuition and followed it's promptings? When have you ignored it because you thought you were smarter than it? I am certain that we all do the latter often. So today, when you are at a fork in your path..try listening before thinking. See where it takes you.


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