Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who Is It For?

We were born into this world as organic to our true selves as we ever have been. We stay this way for quite some time. We cried when we were hungry, needed affection. We smiled when we were engaged in something, stimulated or felt happy. We slept when we felt like doing so, we loved when we felt prompted to from within and we closed away and hid when we did not like something or someones behavior towards us.

Then slowly, each year a bit of that self preservation and selfishness eroded away. Soon we learn the things to say and do to get approval from our parents, from our teachers and elders. Next integrates classmates and children. Learning that if we are to ever get along in society we need to reserve some of the things that we love and compromise to coexist with what others need and want.

We learn what is socially acceptable, we learn that to gain love from others we need to become their ideal. This is necessary. If not we would all be walking around self-centered and lonely, no regard for the gift and experience it is to share your life and world with others. However, there must be a point where we take a moment to gain insight into what things bring us joy. What drives us, what makes us true to ourselves and gives us happiness.

So I sit here thinking..what in my life am I doing for the acceptance and love of others that I could easily make small changes to and be true to myself. I might be surprised at how deep friendships will still remain and how some people will dwindle out of my life. We all face this paradox on a daily basis..the question is..are you ready to live for you? Are you ready to take a moment and be yourself to your fullest so that your life can be richer and more fulfilling without fear of rejection or acceptance?

I am. Now, I am not saying be ridiculous or selfish. I am simply saying live with the intention to impress yourself, not those around you. Be strong enough to love yourself with the faith that if you are a good and compassionate person you will get love in return. Live for you so that you can support others fully to live for themselves. Leave this world more in touch with what you need and want better than when you first arrived. Accept and love others to feel comfortable enough as they deserve the same happiness in their lives.

Who is it for?

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