Friday, March 18, 2011

Understand The Power Of Your Beauty

I met a woman today that changed my life. Kind, telling eyes, a sweet smile that did not come from confidence but only a pure heart. She had booked an appointment with me to analyze and prescribe the perfect chemistry for her aging and tired skin. As I took in her features I thought to myself how beautiful her skin tone was and upon asking her questions of what she needed and wanted she began to unravel a list of so many things that she did not like about herself before finally stating, "I just can't look in the mirror anymore without crying."

My heart sunk as I listened with compassion. My logical mind already going to work on what chemical components I would  gather to fulfill each concern as my heart saddened for how she truly viewed and felt about herself. I learned that she was 68. A natural beauty in my perception. It was obvious that she was a woman of maturity but the years had looked kind upon her appearance to me. She was an Art History professor, surrounded by youth and beauty. A keen eye for detail and having spent much of her career restoring art pieces, she was almost trained to look for blemishes and imperfections. She saw herself in a way that I could not relate to or agree. Where as I saw a beautiful and mature woman, she saw a worn and tattered shell.

She was so hard on herself. It was apparent that the way she felt about her appearance was affecting the very core of how she felt about herself internally. I decided at that moment to change course. As I gathered the ingredients I knew could bring about change and revitalize the look and feel of her skin I applied each ingredient with care and love but knew that this was more than skin deep. My job would not be over until I made her leave appreciating how beautiful she was and knew how amazing she was inside and out.

Giving her a hand mirror as I worked treatments on her skin, pointing out each feature that I saw and admired. Letting her open up and speak of everything she was feeling, letting her just go through the process of what aging meant to her. Soon I saw a small glimmer of hope in her eye. A small appreciation for her inner beauty and outer beauty.

This experience changed me. We will all be there someday if given the opportunity. It is the cycle of life. I live and drive a business that is just as much placebo and hope in a jar as it is tangible science and chemistry. I have always looked at my industry more as a scientist. I learned biology and cosmetic chemistry so that I can supplement and resurface what is lacking in the skin cells. I rarely ever stop to think of the psychological point of view that the clients of my industry might be carrying with them.

Every woman is beautiful and has something distinctive that makes them striking to me. Everyone has a feature that makes them attractive and unique. As women, we are not even held to a higher standard of models or media that is our biggest threat. Our biggest enemy is ourselves. So I say this now, knowing that I am responsible to ensure that every client that comes my way will leave feeling more empowered about her appearance and her internal beauty no matter what it takes.

Young, old, different features, different skin tones and looks. You are all beautiful. You all have a spark and a life that lives inside of you that does shine through to your external being. Love your internal beauty. Love your external beauty. Just love and appreciate you. Be proud of who you are and how you look. Be proud that you are the only you that exists. Walk tall for no one else can be a better and more beautiful you, than you.

Understand the power of your beauty.

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