Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rewrite Our Own History

When something is new to us, it is as if we can't get enough of it. Newness is all consuming. You taste a new flavor, it's all you crave to eat. You hear a new song, it is the only thing in your head. As humanity we are addicted to the swift rush of something we have not experienced before. A new career path, a new love, a new friendship, a new discovery..it occupies every last drop of your energy. Life was designed to be this way.

We have a long life if we are granted that opportunity and it is on average filled with lulls, peaks and lows. It is the rush of newness that drives us to the lovely peaks of  happiness and gives us the stamina to continue on through the lows and lulls. This is a cautionary tale however because it is a cheap fix at times and with all new, shiny toys comes wear and tear over time.

So how do you sustain your love and appreciation for something that inspires you so after the wear and tear of life and the newness is gone?  Sustainability and endurance can only come from balance and moderation. Live in the rush of that excitement you get when you are discovering this new thing, appreciate it for all the things it inspires in you but don't let it take over all of the things you once loved when they were new too.

This is my focus in this act in my life. I am addicted to newness and discovering, learning, tasting, feeling new things. I was that child that adored every new toy as if it were going to be the only toy I ever needed and then discarded it once the new model came out. I am making a conscious decision to end this pattern. I will continue growing, learning and enriching my world however I will not get so consumed in it that I lose my balance. In hindsight I could have loved my old toys and appreciated them all as I welcomed in this new toy that would teach me new ways to think and feel.

It is too late for me to go back and rediscover everything that once inspired me in my past. There were too many phases to count. What I can do though is appreciate all I learned and each talent and bit of elevation I took from each step along the way and carry it with me throughout my life. I will take caution and be cognisant when discovering new things to not get lost in them but to allow them to enhance my life, not be my life. Most importantly, with all things in moderation I will connect with them and my experience with them and it will create longevity. I am reprogramming who I am by nature so that I can rewrite my history in a way that will be more successful and set the stage for a long and beautiful experience. So I can grow as a person and make a change from who I was all those years before. So I can get the very most out of all the flavors, feelings and  learnings that life has to give me. It's never too late to recognize what you need to do to be a better person and make the change.

Rewrite our own history.

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