Monday, March 14, 2011

The prequel to a dream

It is oh so quiet. Dark as well. People were simply not designed to be awake in these hours, I am sure of that. The melatonin in our body by nature wishes us a deep and restful slumber so our body can recharge and process the events of the day and prepare us for our next adventure.

It is far too lonely at this time of day. After a day of excitement and stimulation, socialization and creativity you would think that sleeping would come easy for me tonight but I am not so lucky to experience that. For the most part I sleep well. I live well all through the day and I rest an almost perfect rest through the night. As of late however I find pockets of insomnia taking me.

You see, I daydream. I live in a world where daydreaming comes so freely to me. Every night, before I fall asleep I daydream of lovely things. My hopes, my ambitions, romantic stories and sweet things. This is how I fall asleep every night. However, there are times when try as I might I simply can not conjure up a daydream. Tonight is one of those nights.

Tonight is a night where my head and my heart are stubbornly in reality. I sit in a dark, quiet room rather than the top of a mountain under a blanket of stars. A simple teddy bear cradles under my arm keeping me company rather than a hero from a lovely fairy tale. Reality is necessary, it is honest and pure. It is the very meaning of our life as we know it. I want to live in my reality and I am grateful for each day that I can..however, that does not stop my thirst for daydreaming and living in a lovely story each night before I slumber.

So I wait..and write..and then close my eyes tighter. Waiting for my mind to quiet, waiting for just one simple daydream to show and sweep me into slumber once more.

The prequel to a dream.

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