Sunday, March 13, 2011


We all get to a point in our existence where we require movement and momentum to be who we were meant to be. There is something inside of all of us that whispers to you what you were meant to do. It is not always grandiose, sometimes it is as simple as when you do something it just feels like it fits and other times you will do something and it will just feel a small discord.

That was my life. Each thought I had, each step I took, each breath I inhaled all just felt..wrong. I was surviving at a minimal.There is nothing wrong with surviving. Sometimes there is so much to have gratitude for just to have the gift to breathe but nonetheless, it all just felt wrong. What started out as a whisper soon turned into a louder prompting. Each day it got louder and my need to fulfill my destiny was all I could think about. All I wanted.

You all have experienced this. Some of you hear that whisper every day and have no idea how to break free from the life that you are simply surviving in. Perhaps it is your job, your relationships, your location or not following a talent or dream. What I want to do is give you permission to break free. Listen to that still, quiet voice that is trying to guide you and prompt you into your home. The place you were meant to be and reside. To do the things you were designed to do. It is scary, overwhelming and lonely sometimes in your quest for greatness but it lives in all of you. It lives in me. I believe this to my very core.

So I invite you to join me this year as I enter the second act of my life. Following and listening to my heart. Falling in love with myself once more after years of falling out of love. Falling in love with life and all of the amazing things it has in store for all of us. Join me as I learn what this still, small voice is whispering to me. I want to find my home, I want to make my mark, I want to fall in love again. This act in my life will be filled with so much joy, so much learning, so much sorrow and so much life. I want you with me through it all.

"The greatest love affair started with "hello",
the greatest love song started with a note and
the Mona Lisa started with a stroke.
You and me could be one of those."


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