Thursday, March 24, 2011


"We are all here for a reason on a particular path. You don't need a curriculum to know that you are part of the math."

The biggest mistake that any of us can make is to believe that to be relevant in life we need to be grandiose. So many of us think and believe that our paths must lead to somewhere designed with gold plated bricks and a land that is more majestic than Oz. That to be something and to be somebody that means we must have stature and recognition.

That simply is not so. We all are apart of a bigger puzzle. Some people are the corners, some people  have the design on their piece that stars in the puzzle and the eye gravitates to, some people are large pieces, others small. We all have a role whether it is to be the design or simply support the design and each piece is viable and filled with purpose. 

So when you look at your life and you recognize and take in what your role is in this equation and puzzle, be proud. Feel confident and strong that there is only one you out there and no one else can quite fulfill the role needed to complete this world like you do. We all have different talents and gifts. We all impact the lives of others in a way that is completely unique to only us.

Know who you are and live each day to do your best at whatever your role in the equation is. Are you a good parent, friend, caretaker to an animal, mastermind of business, artistic creator, musician, listener, thinker, comedian? It all matters, it all counts. Be who you are and bring yourself to the table to the best of your ability, knowing that it does make a big impact whether it begins small or large.

 If you are uncertain in who you are or what it is you are here for, that is more than alright. You are not always supposed to. Be open to the journey and get to know and be proud of the things that you do day to day that make you amazing. Share those traits with others in any way that you can.

We are all here together to do our part, to make life that much more complete and amazing for one another. My puzzle piece would not be the same without all of you just as much as your equation would not be complete without me. We all have a path and all of these paths merge together. Be proud of that. Be proud of you.


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