Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Definition Of crazy

You know how people always say to you when you are being redundant in your life and making the same mistakes. "You know the definition of Crazy is to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result?"

First off, I have dished that exact phrase to many a friends in my life and managed to do it with a cheery disposition of that of a Care Bear on a high horse. However, upon just Googling the definition of crazy it states no such thing. So..I jump down from my high horse, dust my pants off and stow my Care Bear stare away for another date and time. Nonetheless, this is still good advice and advice I have been giving myself this year in a constant flow but also extend you.

So, though not the actual definition of crazy..you must admit that there is a huge pump of truth serum to that statement. Don't we all do that? Live the same way, think the same thoughts, retrace the same footsteps on a different pavement over life and expect that somehow magically there is going to be a result we like better? Of course we do that. Being who we are is as easy as breathing. Our steps that we have walked our whole life take no work, no thought anymore. The only problem with that is there is no progression with that.

So now is the time to think. What in your life are you wishing to be different? What are you hoping will bring about a new result? If you could have one wish come true, what would it be? You can have it, you can achieve it but you will have to try new ways to expand your thoughts. Explore new avenues that live within you to open new doors that you never would have discovered if you had continued to do the same things over and over and yet still expect a new result.

That is my challenge for myself. I love routine. I am very in touch with who I am and yet sometimes that can stand in my way. I need to realize that I am in touch with myself as I stand today but life is about evolving and elevating ourselves and the world around us. So, if that is the mission I simply must learn from the steps I have taken prior and try a new way so that someday I can get the results I desire.

This is a huge year for me. A turning point. You all know that, I speak freely of it. So do I want a different result? Yes. So, I must open up my heart and open up my mind. Observe what I do that is right and what I have done that did not work. I must try new ways to obtain it.

The definition of crazy.

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