Thursday, April 21, 2011


I remember the first time that I finally got to ride a bike. I had always looked at my older brother from the view of my big wheel watching him ride a bike and thought how very grown up he was for being able to ride this bike that I could not even envision myself ever being able to ride. I would happily ride my big wheel which then upgraded to a Strawberry Shortcake bike with training wheels and I was impressed still with him however I never actually thought I would be in his shoes. When the day came when I finally got on my very own big kid bike and was able to ride it all that filled me was the overwhelming feeling of.."Oh my goodness, this is actually happening! I am where I never thought I would be and yet it is all I ever wanted!"

That is generally how I live my life and always have. I live with a delicate balance of satisfaction for where I am currently at mixed with a longing and daydream for what could be. In the moment I work on where I am at today and try to do my very best to experience each day for what it is. Wanting to work with what I have to elevate me in that moment all the while fitting in a daydream or two that feels out of reach so I don't take it too seriously.

So then, what happens when all that hard work in the moment actually has the power to make that daydream come to a reality? I have that same feeling of.."Oh my goodness, this is actually happening! I am where i never through I would be and yet it is all I ever wanted!"  Something is telling me that this year is going to have a few of those moments and yet I am still so taken back, just like I was when I was a little girl taking off on my first bike ride.

That is the gift of progression. Work hard, daydream and when the time is right enjoy the feelings that come with when things begin to happen for you. I find it unbelievable. I find it inspiring and I am reminded that things can most certainly happen for you if only you have patience and work hard. The unbelievable can become the believable.


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