Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One In The Same

Nothing in this world can compare to the way it feels when you just get someone and they get you. Not buying a new gloss, delving in to your favorite decadent treat, no amount of money and no trip can bring a smile to your face quite like a simple connection with fellow man.

Connection. It is what we were all put on this earth for. Connecting with the people around us, listening and understanding them. In turn feeling supported and understood by them as well. We were designed to work as a community, to connect as a community. So how is it that so many of us have grown so far from that very thing? We spend so much time and energy into obtaining things that only isolate us from that very cause. Be it work, obtaining status or objects, being self indulgent or closing out the world around us. It is easy to fall victim.

The majority of last year I did just that. I would work hard and then come home and close up shop. Experiencing little to no connection with anyone around me. Text messages went unanswered, phone calls went straight to voicemail never to be returned again, everything seemed as if it was a bother and I could not get the energy to engage with people. That began to change this year.

Was it that I opened up my heart and mind? Was it that belongings began to hold little meanings to me over time? Perhaps all of it. What I am learning is that out there is a big world with all different kinds of people and that it surprised me every day how the simplest connections can mean everything.  Listen, be there, engage. It is better than any lip gloss, the most decadent treat and the cutest pair of shoes. It means everything.

One in the same.

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