Monday, April 4, 2011

Watching The World Spin Round

Time goes by with or  without us. Sometimes we feel like time went by too fast or that the time is going by too slow but the fact is that time is a consistent pace and goes by the same beat everyday no matter what. Your perspective, what you do during that beat changes how time feels to you but nonetheless time is unbendable.

So in the next 60 minutes, you will all live a very different existence. While the barista in the coffee shop will feel those 60 crazy minutes felt like 15 minutes, the person easing in to the day with a cup of coffee and the morning paper in that same coffee shop will feel like the next 60 minutes felt like the perfect few hours. So it is not about time, it is truly what you are doing with that time.

In my line of work we have an actual phrase "Work, life, balance". I believe in that with the core of everything I have. I believe that all of us have a need to fill our lives with a blend of those hours that feel like 15 minutes and those hours that feel like mini vacations. Doing things that stretch our minds and our creativity. Doing things that relax us and let us enjoy every second as if it were a decadent treat. We need it all to be balanced.

The world is going to turn with or without you, the seconds on the clock are going to tick in the cadence they will always tick whether your battery dies or not. It is a truth. So, take the time to get the most knowledge you can, build meaningful and lasting relationships and friendships while you can, share your talents and contribute while you have them and most importantly rest. Take the time to simply enjoy your life and each second you are granted.

Watching the world spin round.

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