Thursday, April 14, 2011

When The Sun Goes Down

It is beautiful isn't it? Somehow amongst all of the wonder of the progressive world with technology and entertainment all of us can agree that the simple act of catching a glimpse of a sunset can stop us in our tracks and force upon us a reverence that only Mother Nature has the ability to demand. A sunset almost is like a reset button on our minds and hearts. It is a simple reboot that in that moment we have so much clarity, so much hope. Whether it be to start fresh, to keep going, to feel the gratitude for something that you have been taking for granted..whatever it be, in that moment you feel renewed.

The last sunset I looked at I had an "Ah-hah" moment. I am happy. I am satisfied but there are still things that I dream about and want that quite honestly I can not have based upon hard work and a dream. When we are young, we truly believe that with a dream and hard work anything is possible. That is true to a point. However, let's say I wanted to be an astronaut..which let's be honest, we know this is just for example because the last thing I daydream about is getting to spend an endless amount of time eating freeze dried gravy and floating around in my own piss. Anyways, we will use that example if I wanted to be an Astronaut and that was my biggest dream and I worked every day on learning space and all the components and logistics of space on my own. Researching day and night, putting all my cerebral energy into that would I be an astronaut someday? No. There is so much more that goes into that training that you can not learn on your own and be successful..mechanics for one thing. If I understand the universe but up in space my craft breaks down and I don't have the training to fix it then I will be pooping in my space suit because I am out of luck. You can't train yourself rocket science and call it a day. You would have to seek out the training and apply your hard work and dedication through that. Only then would you have a chance to make your dream materialize.

So that is where I am. I dream..I work hard. I have gotten myself to a place in my industry where I am known, I am respected. There are Cinderella stories that I see within even our Vice Presidents of my company how they got to the top with a dream and hard work. I seemed to be missing something all of this time though..they did not just work hard. They self taught what came naturally to them but they asked for guidance and help when there was something they were lacking.  There is a very specific job that I want in the next 5 years and I am on the path to that in record time but I am realizing if I want that job and I want to do it well, I need to take the initiative to learn the skill sets that will make me successful. Some of these skill sets are not self taught, this means I will need to seek out education, mentorships..learn from others.

To me this is a new concept. For many of you it is not however self teachings can get you far but relying on the talents of others and learning from them will teach me humility and in the end elevate me father than I could ever do all on my own.

So that is where I am restart button gave me the clarity that I am doing a good job but if I am noticing that I am at a stand still, look towards the talents of others to keep my momentum moving. I am not only doing this in my career but also this week I did this in regards to my fitness. I lost 40 pound on my own with no help from anyone. Researching the things I needed to do and executing them. As I hit a plateau, I am also applying that it is okay not have all the answers but if you have a dream and a drive but you are at a stand still you may need an expert to teach you, seek it out. So I did, I signed up for personal training so that I can learn from someone and take in all their knowledge.

It is okay not to have all the answers. It is okay not to get the results you are driving for once in a while but the question is what do you do then? Do you continue doing the same things you are doing and putting all of your hard work into it but still not getting the results or do you use the community around you and move the needle with their help? Pick the community. Dream big, live with passion, work hard but then..learn. Acquire knowledge. Utilize the community of people around you and ask them to teach you the things that you can not teach yourself. Use their expertise and apply it to your life. Together we can all get each other where we need to be to achieve our dreams. Then and only then will you get the results you are dreaming about.

When the sun goes down.

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