Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sometimes you have to get through the bad to get through the good stuff. Everybody has their own Everest. Sometimes it is career, other times it is relationships with others, your relationship with yourself, sometimes it is physical or monetary. Many times it is a cocktail of all of the above. What I want you to do is trust.

Within all of you, you hold the most amazing spark and power. What do you want to elevate? What do you want to be known for but most importantly, what do you want to know yourself for? Depending on what your Everest is there are so many different paths and strategies that you might have to take to reach your destination but trust in your instincts and trust that since you have the hunger to get more out of your life in that area that you also have the keys to get there deep within you.

Happiness and fulfillment are within all of our grasp it just might not be something that will fall in your lap. The best things in life and the things that bring you the most satisfaction might not be the things that fall in your lap with ease. Sometimes you really do have to get through the bad to get  to the good stuff. It is in you, don't be afraid to fight for it and take on your personal Everest.


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