Sunday, July 24, 2011

That's The Road.

It will forever be debated as to if destiny creates us or if we create our own destiny. This has been a debate that has spanned civilizations for hundreds of years and yet at the end of the day, though there will never be proof of which came first much like the chicken and the egg we all still hold a reverence for the amazing phenomenon of destiny.

Destiny. Whatever your personal belief is as to how it affects your life, we all can agree that it does affect our lives. We are all given this amazing gift of life. Some of us have given a road that is easier to follow, more secure and some of us have been given hardships to shape us and challenge us. What are you doing with this amazing gift? How are you maximizing and utilizing the destiny that is before you? All of us, no matter what cards we are dealt have the opportunity to play the hand to it's full potential. Are you?

Love, joy, happiness, friendship, success, heartbreak, illness, strife, is all in our destiny. What will you learn? How will you grow? Look your destiny..the one that is staring at you in the face in this very moment and take it in. It is yours and yours alone right now. Make the most of it, learn, celebrate, grow. Don't take a moment of your destiny for granted.

That's the road.

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