Monday, July 11, 2011

All Of Yourself.

There is a delicate balance to everything and everyone. No one is exempt and I find that beautiful. When I look at people, I see a spectrum of things and can't help but smile. Sometimes it is easy for us to get lost in the things that we view as shortcomings and let that define us. I see that daily in my profession..women obsessing over a line or a feature that they posses and as they are speaking with so much passion for how much they detest these things about themselves I look at those same features and find them beautiful. They are not the things that define them however they are the things that make them..well..them and that is beautiful in itself.

So what is on your mind? What are the things about yourself that when you think about them get you down and you feel like you are worth less for those things being apart of your life? It could be anything from a feature, your shape, your hair, your financial situation, your social interactions...there are so many ways that we can feel easily defeated in our own minds. So here is the beautiful truth..everyone feels that way and it is because no one is perfect. No one feels perfect.

Beautiful people feel inadequate, smart people feel inadequate, wealthy people feel inadequate, successful people feel inadequate...everyone has an Achilles heel and I find it beautiful that they do. It is far too easy to get lost in the things we want to change about ourselves to the point that it can overwhelm us really getting to celebrate and love the things about ourselves that make us shine.

So think about your Achilles heel..think about how you would not be you without it because we all are a delicate balance of strengths and shortcomings. We can not have strengths without shortcomings. Embrace those shortcomings because they make you the organic you and the organic you is beautiful.

That line above your lip means you have smiled a lot, the curve to your shape means you have tasted and enjoyed life, the place you are at in your life in this very moment is you. Beauty, career, finances, intelligence, success...this very moment it is you. Embrace that. You are amazing, you being the you that is in front of you right now is reality. So stop comparing that person to the vision that is in your head and holding you back from loving yourself.

To love yourself..all of yourself, the good with the lacking is no longer a luxury but a dire necessity.

All Of Yourself.

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  1. Interesting and quite true;) stumbled upon Ur blog accidentally and I must say am glad I misspelled the word to take me to da website I wanted. Lol! This got me feeling good and loosening my self esteem. Thanks for da post:)