Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Go Home.

We all have gone through phases where we have taken fate's gentle hand and forced it like it was hitting a buzzer on a game show. We recognize those times of course through hind sight however we all can look back and think of those times and now the place we are in today having hopefully learned the valuable lesson that you can't force fate and still feel at home.

It can be a job, relationship, location, crusade or lifestyle where the lack of patience gets in the way. We all face things daily that we are passionate about and want to drive for results and yet, there is something to be said about putting your energy out there, your hard work and then watching fate's hand do what it will. If it is a fit and meant to be in your life and you work hard towards it, it will..if not, it simply won't and that is worth all the while since it is not your home, where you are designed to fit and be.

So dream, work hard to initiate the things that you want and wish for. Find a balance between eating low hanging fruit, high growing fruit and then even planting your very own seeds to cultivate and grow your own fruit. Life is this beautiful mixture of things that fall in your lap, things you have to work for and things that you have to create and initiate. So live it, respect it and watch you find your place in this world.

Success, failure, love, joy, sadness, rejection, hurt, comfort and strength. It was all designed for us to feel and a compass to find, fight and appreciate our place in this world. Respect the hand of fate and find your home.

Go Home.

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