Thursday, July 7, 2011

Get Out Of Your Seat.

There is an icebreaker game that I use before meetings so that everyone can get a sneak peek into the lives of the other people that are attending the meeting. It is my favorite icebreaker game simply because it is an easy way to look at those who share your similarities and watch others that do not. The premise of the game is simple..a facilitator asks everyone to sit and pop up out of their seat to stand if one of the descriptions match their life.

Some basic Pop Up questions are always "Stand up if you have kids, pets, tattoos..etc.." but no matter what the questions are I always love recognizing the people that stand up over the same things that I do. I make a mental note that later I want to see pictures of their pets or ask them where their tattoo is and of what. Bookmarking what we have in common and building a bond from there.

Now, the other thing that makes Pop Up so amazing is that you not only build a quick camaraderie with the people that are like you but you also get to learn about people that are not like you. All of the sitting participants watch the people that popped up in curiosity while they remained seated. Inspiring ideas of how they want to get to know this person that is so different from them.

So, I've been thinking about this quite a bit this month. The similarities that are out there and how it is far too easy to quarantine yourself and only surround your personal contacts with like minded people that share similarities to you. While, it is so important to find people to relate with on a level that is similar to yours and offers you support for who you are it is also important to surround yourself with people that are very different from you and your tastes as well.

Not only does it teach you new things, new points of views and gives you a global education but at the end of the is just so rewarding to surround yourself with a diverse assortment of personalities, likes, dislikes and beliefs. It makes for a rich life full and abundant in characters.

So, the next time that you have an opportunity to spot someone that is similar to you, smile. This person will understand you to the core and friendship will be as easy as breathing. Take an extra moment to also relate to those that are different from you as them and smile even wider knowing that they are going to add a flavor and perspective that only they can add.

Get Out Of Your Seat.

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