Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look What You Can Do.

The world is more beautiful each and every day simply because you are in it. The powers that we all hold over the world we live in and the people in our lives are so strong that it can be hard to even fathom at times. That random smile that you offered to the stranger that you passed by may seem like nothing but perhaps you sparked a light in them that they carried to the next stranger that they crossed next. This small ripple effect makes a wave that can span over thousands of lives for the better. It happened all because you made the choice to take a single moment out of your life to smile at someone rather than ignore of pass them by untouched.

For all of the beauty and good in the world, unfortunately there is a flip side of bad intentions and ugly. Just writing that sentence out loud brings a heaviness to my heart since I tend to love the world in a tint of rose colored hue however, rather than thinking of all of the ugly things in the world that sadden and overwhelm..try thinking of what small act of kindness you can do that will cause a ripple effect to bring about a wave of change.

There is always so much that we all have the power to do and it is too easy not to reach out and do those things because they can overwhelm, they can make you feel as if you are powerless and lack resources. Think back to how simple smiling at that stranger was and yet what a ripple effect it can do that every single day.

What do you want to change in the world? What is something that when you think of it, you feel a heavy heart? Look within your resources and make the start of a ripple. Is it a simple smile, a phone call reaching out to a friend in need to listen, is there a resource you can give of to better the situation or fund another, is there a choice of something you can give up to support a cause? Your simple presence makes a difference in the lives of those you know in your community and can span over acres of people you will never even know you affected.

You bring beauty, life and hope to the world we share together with one another. You make all the difference just by being you when people need it the most. Start today. What will you do to be the change today?

Look what you can do.

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