Thursday, July 21, 2011

My wish.

Some may find it silly that at 11:11 my world stops to make a wish. Think of it as you will however for me, that is my time to stop and honor my dreams amongst the hustle and bustle of the day. Our days are all filled with so much at times that taking a moment to get in touch with your wants gives you a moment of empowerment and hope.

My wishes are as diverse as the mind that owns them..sometimes it is an out of reach wish just for a moment of fairy tale, sometimes it is more so a goal I am working on, sometimes it is an affirmation and even at times it is something very minor..sometimes a girl just wants a piece of dark chocolate! Either way, it is my one moment to think of the first thing that comes to mind that I am dreaming of and honor it.

As adults, we begin to slowly dishonor our dreams. As children, we live in a constant 11:11 state. It is so very necessary that children have that quality for in that freedom to dream and feeling as if there are no limits to their dreams they mold and form the kind of person they want to build themselves to be in the future. The place where we all are today, no matter what place you are had a foundation of the child you once were and the dreams they once had.

To live in a constant state of 11:11 is not reality, so we can not really pay it round the clock respects as we did when we were children. I mean, 11:11 does not pay your electricity bill or run your dishwasher but it is so easy to let all of those realities of life overpower the natural talent we have within us all to dream.

So, silly as it may seem..frivolous as well..take a couple of moments out of your day, everyday to simply honor your dreams. From the outlandish, the realistic tomorrows you want to reach to even some small luxury that you would enjoy. It does not have to be at a designated time, just pick a time that makes sense to you and give yourself that time every day. Honor your dreams, your wishes..just honor you.

My wish.

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