Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Who are you versus who you want to be? We all have who we are in this moment. The way we look, the way we work, the way we relate to people and the world around us. That is who we are, that is the reality of us. Then we have where we want to be. Where we want to be will always exist but are we concentrating so much on where we want to be that we let that cloud the moment of where we are in reality today?

So many times, living with the hope of an ideal can make it so that in the moment right now you do not enjoy, experience, learn, grow and take away everything that you need. How you experience, relate, respond and engage in your life today is what will make your experience.

The future is always something to strive towards, the elevation of yourself is always something to believe long as you are taking you, in the raw form that you are and experiencing, accepting and living your life to the fullest that you can provide yourself and others in this day.


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  1. Even those of us in the boat that are satisfied with our current surroundings still paddle forward.

    Well put wise one of AZ.