Monday, September 26, 2011

On The Wall.

If an ex- lover or current lover were to write something on a bathroom wall about you what do you think they would say? We have all been in relationships..some short, some long, some life changing and others just a moment in time. We have all been heartbroken and broken hearts ourselves. We have been left as well as we have left others behind. Once a parting of ways happens, the question did you part and were you a better person or did you slip back to someone less than elevated and compassionate.

It is Fall, a new phase in life is about to begin for many of us so the focus needs to be..are we compassionate, supportive and understanding as partners and friends. Do we support the people in our lives at whatever level they need or are we self serving to only care about how the other person effects us.

If you are currently in a partnership, think to yourself..are you there completely for your partner unconditionally with no selfish motives? Do you let them be the person they were meant to be with you as a support and cheerleader?

Be good to one another. Listen to one another..and when you listen to them, don't just hear them and support the things you believe in or want..really hear them and support the organic place they are in. Be their friend, respect them over anything else..and if there comes a time where you need to part ways, remember this thought..when they look back on you, let them look back and see a friend not a foe. In order for them to see you in that way, your behavior will have to mirror that of a friend and not a foe.

On The Wall.

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