Monday, October 10, 2011

Break The Door Down.

We all get to a place where we are just standing there, in front of a door that is closed. We know that what is on the other side is what we want and where we want to be. So now what?

Well, depending on your personality..some of us will knock politely, not wanting to come in uninvited. Some of us will search our pockets for a possible key we might have, feeling that getting ourselves in the door and problem solving is the best way. Some of us will just look blankly at the door and get discouraged that there is a door there in the first place that was put in our way and feel discouraged that there is no way to get to the destination we desire. Others..others break down the door. They kick it in. Nothing and no one can get in the way of their determination to reach their goal and destination.

Now, I know that we can all relate to one of those scenarios..I know I do. I tend to attempt to kick the door down and then realize that I was not wearing the right shoes and then just stare at the door blankly. That will not only prevent me from getting through the door but it also will only discourage me.

So, what am I learning? I like the passion of breaking the door down..not so much in  a realistic way. Lord knows I would be the last person to literally kick a door down, I can barely kill a spider with my flip flop without getting scared and then feeling bad for the spider. However, I like the drive and determination behind the idea of breaking the door down.

Think of the ambition, passion and adrenaline it takes to move with that much force! Now, that is a way to live and get where you need to..but with one thought..breaking down doors can not be done just by emotion alone. If you want to be successful and look back on how you got through the door with satisfaction, you would have needed to strategize and really planned.

Who says you need to break a door down with a kick or by leaving a path of destruction? You could look at the mechanism of the lock, how the door knob was could take careful consideration on how to break it down in a way that you could easily put it back together. This not only takes focus, drive and determination but also patience and balancing emotion with logic.

So this is how I want to live my life..when I am at a door, I want to integrate all of the possibilities..knock, look for a key and if it still is not opened to me..break it down in a way that is careful and precise, almost showing respect to the door in my way. At the end of the day, I will be on the other side..and I will have learned a lot through crossing the threshold. I am going to break down doors. Are you?

Break The Door Down.

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