Tuesday, September 20, 2011

About Now.

This exact moment. What are you grateful for? Forget about the things you are not grateful for..in truth, it is too easy to list those things at the drop of a hat. So fight past those things and find a morsel within this moment of gratitude. Once you lock in on that you can't help but smile..and not one of those superficial smiles but one that radiates from deep within you.

Each moment of each day has something redeeming in it that resonates just for you, to bring you happiness. No matter what. You can find it in the moments filled with obvious joy, mundane moments, moments of sadness and disappointment. You can find them everywhere, so long as you just look.

So take the time, at least once a day if not more to just find gratitude and happiness in the now, in the moment you are in wherever you stop to recognize it.

About now.

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