Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just To Be.

There is so much to be said in the art of just being. To be completely in the moment you are in, not thinking of the future, the past, what could be or what could have been. There is so much to be said in having peace, fulfillment and satisfaction in the moment you are in..no matter what the moment has presented to you or what circumstance you are in.

It is an art because I feel as if it is almost a conscious decision that we have to decide to do in that moment, for it does not happen by nature for most of us. I think of the moments that it does happen naturally and draw that up to ensure that I have more of that in my days so that no day goes by that I have not enjoyed simply being.

What is it in your life that you naturally can just be in the moment? Is it a cup of tea, meditation, music, writing, being with a good friend, creating something..what is your zen? Take the time to incorporate that into your week..take the time to give your mind, body and spirit the chance to just be. Take all of your hopes, dreams, worries, stresses, baggage and just leave it aside for the moment and enjoy the life that has been presented to you in that very moment. Love your life for what it is, love yourself for who you are..not the life you once had, wished you had or the person you wished or want to be. Love your life today, love yourself today.

It is an art, a craft but you deserve to enjoy this moment in your life. Honor your life, honor yourself.

Just To Be.

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